Vertical Gardens

Limited land is no longer a problem to make vertical gardens because the design is enough to save the land.

Of course, the design of vertical gardens is now familiar, right? in urban areas many homes that use it to make the house look more beautiful with the addition of plants that adorn the park.

Well, this concept can be applied to a variety of upright areas such as on the walls of houses, office buildings, or on the fence both indoors and outdoors.

But you do have to use the right concept! if the wrong concept can make the park become more narrow land! find out some ideas that are recommended for you to choose below!

Best Plants for Vertical Gardens

Not all types of plants can be applied to a vertical garden because not all plants can develop with such a garden design.

So, choose plants that can adapt and grow well in vertical gardens. Of course, plants must have certain characteristics!

Plants that are heat-resistant and soft, creepers, hanging plants, small-sized certainly highly recommended for the best plants for vertical gardens, for example, Soapwort, Lipstick Plant, elephant ears, red betel, Paris lilies, begonias, and many other types of plants.

Before choosing the plant, first design the size so that it will make the design cooler!

How to Make Vertical Gardens

Want to know how to make vertical gardens? the way is very easy.

Choose the land first, it is advisable to choose land near the wall because it is used as a foundation for placement.

Well, try to select a place that is easily exposed to the sun. After that, determine the type of plants that will be used to decorate your vertical garden!

In addition to choosing plants to paint the room, you also choose plants that use quite a lot, such as vegetable plants.

In the next step you must create a frame that is used to support the plant. Well, the material that can be used is that it can use wood, iron, mild steel, PVC boards, and others that are important to be strong and durable.

After that, don’t forget to make a good drainage system so that the waters are smooth in your vertical garden!

Vertical Gardens Kits

Vertical Gardens Kits

Want to make a simple but unique vertical garden?

You can choose the design of Vertical Gardens Kits with the use of wood which is made about the size of a window and then embellished with small carvings on each side.

With the trapezoid-shaped plastic pot that fills the wooden frame the better.

The choice of small flowering plants, do not propagate and do not need to be hung are quite recommended for the design of the park with these frames.

Placement can be placed on the sidewall of the house so that it can add a little impression of beauty around the house!

Vertical Pallet Gardens

Vertical Pallet Gardens Design Ideas

Seen from the picture above Vertical Pallet Gardens is unique and interesting, right?

That is because the design of this garden is made of wooden piles arranged to form a beauty so that it can be used as a place to put various potted plants.

Of course, with such a frame model, you can choose all types of plants ranging from hanging plants, vines, and plants in small pots.

Placement placed next to the house makes the design of the house look more beautiful.

Well, look at the design like that you can make a small garden suitable for relaxing!

Vertical Gardens Walls

Vertical Gardens Walls Picture

Having a narrow land turned out not to be a problem to make a vertical garden?

Like the picture above you can immediately add a wooden shelf on the edge of the wall of the house to put various types of plants placed in pots.

The arrangement of the plants arranged must indeed be arranged with the right concept so that the impression does not take up too much space.

The feel of the vertical garden beside the house is also recommended as a place to relax with the family.

Succulent Vertical Gardens

Succulent Vertical Gardens Photo

Succulent Vertical Gardens seem very unique? with its shape like a frame, it is quite beautifying the design of the space.

Well, in the frame of the plant it seems very artistic with the placement of flowers that beautify the walls with the addition of a small cactus tree that makes the design of the land better.

Of course, this design is perfect for those of you who don’t have the land to make a garden.

You can stick it on the front or side of the house to make the design of the house more beautiful!

Sage Vertical Gardens

Sage Vertical Gardens Image

Wow, the design of Sage Vertical Gardens seems luxurious, right? well suited to decorate meeting rooms in restaurants and hotels.

If you have a house with a vertical design with a fairly wide wall then you can carry this one theme.

So, you can use large wooden frames to provide a bulkhead so that it feels more artistic.

Well, the idea of sage vertical gardens is only seen from the leaves. But the green color is very lively to feel cool in the room.

Surely the design is more suitable for plants with small leaves that spread or spread. However, do the right concept arrangement so it looks neat even though the leaves are climbing!

Vertical Gardens Plants

Vertical Gardens Plants

Look, Vertical Gardens Plants also seem very beautiful without the use of frames. But it needs a special arrangement of plants to make the design more attractive.

Directly arranging plants on the walls neatly to form a square turns out to make the beautiful nuances arranged in the art of modern flower planting.

Well, you also have to combine several of these plants appropriately. So, don’t just choose plants. The design also requires special arrangements and maintenance of course.

DIY Vertical Gardens

Amazing DIY Vertical Gardens

DIY Vertical Gardens look increasingly make the room feel more beautiful with the arrangement of flowers, and other plants that have very varied colors.

Using a wooden frame in the form of wood turned out to be quite inspiring because it saves land for sure.

So, with the shape of the stairs, you can put each plant on each step.

The design certainly seems simple, but it makes the room feel very beautiful.

Vertical Gardens Indoor

Vertical Gardens Indoor Picture

Be aware that vertical garden is not only to make outdoor designs more beautiful. The design was also recommended to make the indoor look more attractive.

Thus it is no wonder that there are now many vertical garden designs in the room.

Seen from the picture above, the use of frames with aluminum that adds the impression of luxury does make it look quite pleasing to the eye in the room.

Of course, making a vertical garden in the room does not have to be big.

So, you only need to make it with a medium size, as long as it can be used to beautify the room.

Besides, it will also give a beautiful feel and add soothing air in the room.

Vertical Vegetable Gardens

Vertical Vegetable Gardens Photo

As explained earlier, when you want to create a vertical garden design, you must first determine the type of plant.

Now, not only plants can decorate walls, but they also know that you can use vegetable plant designs to have a higher benefit value.

With the form of a wooden shelf frame combined with a wire is pretty good, now choose vegetables of several types so that it is more impressed to add a beautiful impression in your home!

DIY Indoor Vertical Gardens

DIY Indoor Vertical Gardens Ideas

DIY Indoor Vertical Gardens is certainly very luxurious, as seen in the picture above.

Garden of small trees deliberately placed in the middle of a granite wall that gives a feel of the beauty of the green color.

Of course, the design can indeed make the room more soothing right? but it does require quite difficult maintenance.

The design can be placed in the living room or room to relax because the nuances of the trees will provide a sense of relaxation for sure.

DIY Vertical Succulent Gardens

Cool DIY Vertical Succulent Gardens Image

DIY Vertical Succulent Gardens not only makes the design of the house more beautiful but look at the design that turns out to be very attractive to people’s eyes.

Why is that? That is because what is seen is the artistic art of flower arrangement that is very beautiful. Of course, the design is highly recommended to fill your minimalist space.

Pay attention that these flowers might not last long if not treated properly!

Foody Vertical Gardens

Foody Vertical Gardens Photo

Surely Foody Vertical Gardens has a rather high benefit value, right? so for those of you who are interested in making this design, you can choose the plants first.

Then you can put it in one pot and then add it with a vertical plastic pot so that it can be put on several open pot doors.

Certainly, the design is indeed very unique. But the type of garden verticals also requires special care to be successful so that not only can it fill the beauty of the house.

However, it also has a high benefit value to be used as a vegetable garden to be cooked every day.

Patrick Blanc Vertical Gardens

Patrick Blanc Vertical Gardens

What is Patrick Blanc Vertical Gardens like? for example, seen in the picture above contained in large buildings.

Structuring plants on the walls of the building is certainly very difficult, even difficult to maintain. Not everyone can make plants live on the walls of buildings.

Therefore, the view of Patrick Blanc Vertical Gardens is very interesting. Of course, the design is very good to be used as a photo spot.

Vertical Hanging Gardens

Vertical Hanging Gardens Design Ideas

As the name implies, Vertical Hanging Gardens has the impression of plants like hanging on the walls, but actually, there is a wooden frame behind it.

Well, the existence of vertical hanging gardens like that is enough to give a beautiful feel in the room.

Thus of course in the room also the nuances become cooler.

However, do not choose plants that spread for the design because it will make the design seem less tidy. Just choose a small plant.

Urbio Vertical Gardens

Urbio Vertical Gardens

Urbio Vertical Gardens has a fairly modern design that can be made of pots and white plastic frames that have been fused.

Of course, the intended plastic pot is of good quality. Of course, the design can plant various trees that vary so that the walls are more colored.

Well, this urbio can be placed inside or outside the room because of its simple design that can make the room more attractive.

Vertical Bottle Gardens

Vertical Bottle Gardens Design Ideas

Vertical Bottle Gardens is highly recommended for use, in addition to beautifying the house, it also uses the use of used materials so that the value of its use is very high.

Of course, the design is by hanging it from one bottle to another. It can be said that the role of this bottle is as a pot.

Well, you can plant creepers, hanging plants and vines with this vertical bottle garden model. The thing that you have to pay attention to is doing the right arrangement so that the plants don’t get messy.

Of course, you can apply this design to the side of the house, use more bottles, the better!

Self Watering Vertical Gardens

Self Watering Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens Self Watering looks quite simple because it is made for yourself so it does not emphasize its beauty.

Well, just need to use a wooden rack to support the plant pot. Well, the uniqueness is the pot using burlap sacks so it adds a fairly high unique impression.

Surely the design can be used on the walls of the house so that it adds an even more beautiful impression outside the room.

Urban Vertical Gardens

Urban Vertical Gardens

Urban Vertical Gardens looks quite interesting from wooden frames and frames using iron, although it looks very simple, it can indeed be used to put a variety of plant variations so that it makes the house feel more beautiful.

The design is more suitable for beautifying outdoor designs.

Urban Vertical Gardens is indeed in need of a large budget with large wooden frames and iron.

The more plants, the more beautiful it will look so that it will increasingly provide a vertical garden that captivates vision.

Vertical Gardens on Fences

Amazing Vertical Gardens on Fences

Vertical Gardens on Fences is more unique in the style of a rustic wood fence added to the use of hanging plants, vines, and potted plants. All of these plants beautify the design of the garden.

However, with the presence of vegetable crops will certainly have more benefits that are quite high.

The design is more suitable for those of you who have ample land inside, outside, or next to your house! do routine care of the plants to make the shades around the house more beautiful.

It’s not confused about choosing the vertical garden concept, right?

From the information above you can choose it that will make the room around the house more beautiful and beautiful without the need for ample land.

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