Tumblr Room Ideas

Want to have a Tumblr room design ideas? in social media posts now more and more bedroom designs with LED lights that beautify the room so that it is good to be used as a spot for a selfie.

With an attractive appearance, it certainly makes the residents feel more comfortable in the room.

As a room design nowadays, Tumblr room ideas indeed show their beauty with a combination of LED lights, photos, and other room decorations that make the occupants of the rooms provide comfort.

Tumblr room decoration is not complicated, it does not even require a lot of budgets. You can utilize existing objects.

How to Make Your Room Tumblr

How do you easily design a Tumblr room? The first step that must be done is to add a collage wall design that is to fill the walls of the room using the design of a group of images or photos that are attached to any design. Make a design with creativity that makes the room more varied.

After creating a collage design, you also have to combine sheets that match the color of the wall and then adjust the color of the furniture in the room.

It turns out that using just one color tone can make a better room design so it looks very pleasing to the eye.

Add hanging decorations, such as beads, bed drapes, or hang some important notes so that they not only decorate the room but also help remember things to do in a hanging note.

Combine also with LED lights that have a longitudinal shape so that it can provide lighting that is unique, but certainly can still provide comfort.

Tumblr Room Decor

Tumblr Room Decor Ideas

The Tumblr room design for the room looks very instagrammable with wall hangings in the form of collage photos, note boards, and hanging decorations in the form of pearls of wisdom with quite high artistic value.

Additional LED lights that adorn the walls certainly give a uniqueness to the room design.

The addition of circle shutters that adorn the walls fills the void so that the nuances in the room become more varied. Look at the design is suitable for you who have a minimalist room, but it does seem very comfortable right?

Create your room like a Tumblr room decor in the picture above!

Even though it looks very simple but the design of the Tumblr room has quite high artistic value.

Tumblr DIY’s Room Decor

Tumblr DIY's Room Decor Picture

Tumblr DIY’s Room Decor is identical to the layout of the photo grouping that is mounted on the wall of the room.

Wall hangings in the form of writing, photography, and paintings, even the existence of wall stickers will also increasingly give beauty to the design of the room.

The existence of paper decorations that shaped like a bird mounted on the wall above the basket was indeed quite interesting.

Look at the selection of white sheets that are arranged less neatly it turns out it can add a little unique impression on the DIY Tumblr design.

Tumblr Living Room

Tumblr Living Room Design Ideas

Tumblr Living Room seems unique with non-formal room style, but with a mix of uplifting procedures for all the furniture can indeed make the design cooler.

Well, in the picture above it looks like it uses a white tone that makes the room feel more alive.

Arrangement of less tidy sofa cushions turned out to add the impression that Tumblr is quite artistic. Added to the irregular shape of the carpet it also turns out to make the design of a better room.

Arrangement of plant pots on the table, on the edge of the window, it turns out also gives the impression of Tumblr in the living room! You only need to do the right layout so that the design is more attractive.

D.I.Y Tumblr Room

D.I.Y Tumblr Room Photo

As a design that is quite popular, it turns out that D.I.Y Tumblr Room looks quite interesting with the right spatial arrangement coupled with the bookshelf design above so that it is enough to decorate the room.

Additional writing that contains pearls of wisdom does make the nuances of space more varied.

Well, in this picture the DIY Tumblr room is identical to the use of matching colors, white.

The existence, the placement of small plants on the table increasingly makes the room more attractive which makes the room feel more alive.

Tumblr Tapestry Room

Tumblr Tapestry Room Image

Tumblr Tapestry Room gives a very unique ethnic impression, of course, rugs placed on the walls of the room will certainly make the nuances in the room more varied.

Look at the Tumblr room design in the picture above is very simple.

A matching rug motif with a pillowcase increasingly gives the impression that harmony is quite high. Well, even though the neat arrangement of knit blankets emphasizes the impression of Tumblr.

Dorm Room Tumblr

Adorable Dorm Room Tumblr Design Ideas

Dorm Room certainly has a very minimalist room right? but its narrow size is not a problem for making Tumblr room designs.

As seen in the picture above, the existence of a stacking rack can be used as a place to put various decorations to make room designs more varied.

The addition of large enough LED lights also makes the design of the room seem more attractive.

Well, it can also be seen in the picture above that the use of bed sheets with enchanting motifs also colors the dormitory rooms more so it seems more colorful.

Tumblr Room Colors

Tumblr Room Colors Picture

Look at the decoration of the colorful Tumblr room above is quite charming right? the combination of bright colors from wall paint, bed linen, pillowcases, wall hangings, painting frames, and others turned out to be very pleasing to the eye.

As long as you decorate the room with the right color then doing the room design with the right layout will certainly make the Tumblr room design more cool and modern in style.

The style of the space will certainly increase the spirit of the residents of the house!

Tumblr Room with Lights

Amazing Tumblr Room with Lights Photo

Tumblr Room is indeed very identical with LED lights with warm room shades, well the Tumblr bedroom design above is seen from the use of elongated lamp designs with shapes that can be adjusted to your liking then you can hang various photos on the lamp cord.

The Tumblr room decoration is the most popular, although it seems simple but can provide comfort to its residents.

Fitting Room Tumblr

Fitting Room Tumblr

The Tumblr Fitting Room seems more attractive with its wood and curtain design, coupled with an efficient and functional hanging used for hanging clothes and bags.

Of course, in the clothes fitting room, there is also a large sized led light next to a long mirror.

It seems very simple, isn’t it? use the right color combination to make the design more pleasing to the eye.

Hippie Room Tumblr

Hippie Room Tumblr Image

Hippie Room Tumblr seems more unique with the ethnic style of the rug mounted on the wall, then there is also a hanging Tumblr rug design as the roof of the bed that makes the room feel more varied.

Add the design of the LED lights that were hung plus the photo designs that were hung on the chandelier.

Thus, the design of your room will certainly vary with the number of motifs in one room that gives the impression of room Tumblr’s design.

Cute Room Ideas Tumblr

Cozy and Cute Small Room Ideas Tumblr

Tumblr very cute room design can be seen from the very appropriate arrangement of the room, the existence of a functional stacking wooden shelves can be used as a place for books, decoration, and can also be used to put some items that are not used.

With the neat layout of the items certainly makes the design of space also more attractive.

Installation of a neat photo layout added with Tumblr lights increasingly fill the room to become more colorful.

Look at the combination of white in the room turned out to make the room feel cuter Tumblr!

Tumblr Room Inspirations

Amazing Tumblr Room Inspirations Picture

Tumblr room decor in the picture above is quite inspiring with a fairly simple arrangement of the existence of a one-bed bed, two small tables placed on the right and left the side of the bed, then there is one painting that is located on the top wall of the bed.

Although it seems very simple, it turns out that the nuances of space like that become a design that is very warm and provides comfort.

Tumblr Aesthetic Room

Romantic and Cute Tumblr Aesthetic Room

Aesthetic Room is impressed by the bed curtains decorated with Tumblr lamps that give warmth to the room space of course. Well, the addition of some wall hangings has been able to make the room more attractive.

Note the design of the bed that only uses bed linen with dark-colored stripes and added to the tangled shape is enough to add the aesthetic impression.

Decor room space is certainly very inspiring, right? simple but very interesting.

Tumblr Room Themes

Tumblr Room Themes Image

Tumblr Room Themes is more unique, of course, because it has so many color variants that it makes its inhabitants more enthusiastic about doing many activities.

Also, the layout of the photo layout on the wall gives a very interesting impression.

Although the photo arrangement is not neat, with its design as desired, it will make the walls more colorful.

The design will certainly make the occupants more comfortable in the room to do activities in the room!

Tumblr Room Ideas for Small Rooms

For those of you who have a small room, you don’t need to worry because you can still design the room in the Tumblr style as attractive as possible.

Look at the Tumblr straps that are hung above the window, making the void in the room more filled.

The combination of white for bed linen, wall paint, and knit blankets will indeed make the room design better.

Well, there is a mirror on the wall, led lights that are distributed irregularly then the presence of plants in the room is more pleasing to the eye.

Minimalist Room Tumblr

Minimalist Room Tumblr Design Ideas

Minimalist Tumblr’s room seems quite interesting with the right spatial arrangement, with a very harmonious color combination. the white color that makes the room brighter.

Not separated from the view of a room that is increasingly beautiful with the paintings of the walls, a plant, a small carpet, and there are also small pots.

Well, with the furniture where you can hang clothes it is very efficient to be placed in a room because it is very functional.

Black And White Tumblr Room

Black And White Tumblr Room Design Ideas

Black and white Tumblr room turned out to be enough to fill the room to be warmer the nuances in the room.

Well, with the use of decorative lights that are hung on the window then a variety of small decorations on the bed table will indeed make the design of the room cooler.

The existence of stacking wood shelves will make the room decoration neater, more plants make the room feel more alive. Combine with white sheets and blankets that will make the room feel more harmonious.

Yellow Room Tumblr

Yellow Room Tumblr Design Ideas

Yellow becomes a very bright color that will make residents more excited.

Look at the design of the room with the yellow color is very pleasing to the eye right? no need to add a lot of decoration it turns out that touch of wall paintings can fill the room more interesting.

Well, the arrangement of pillows and blankets that are not neat can fill the void that will fill the room to be more varied.

Teen Girl Room Ideas Tumblr

To make the teen girl room Tumblr room design more attractive then you can hang the cloth with a more attractive motif that makes the room more varied.

Then add the LED lights that are hung to make the room more radiant.

Well, don’t forget to add a few small decorations on the wall to make the design of the room also cooler.

Add a table to make it more efficient and functional for activities, adding a carpet will also fill the void in the room.

Hipster Room Tumblr

Hipster Room Tumblr Ideas

Hipster Room Tumblr looks identical to the presence of pretty much decoration on the wall, well decoration that is placed on a wooden shelf will indeed fill the space to be more varied for sure.

Sometimes most people do prefer a variety of room decor with a lot of decoration.

Well, you can add decoration on the wall or the table so that when the move becomes more excited by the design of the room that is pleasing to the eye.

Boho Room Tumblr

Boho Room Tumblr Design Ideas

Boho Room Tumblr seems to be very unique with the unique wooden design that adorns the bed, especially when added to the presence of flushed LEDs that adorn the wood so that makes the design more unique and antique.

The boho room design of the Tumblr emphasizes the rustic impression, especially with the wooden bed which seems quite old-fashioned.

Additional ethnic bed sheet designs also make room designs more varied so they will greatly provide comfort!

White Room Tumblr

Scandinavian and White Room Tumblr Photo

White room Tumblr is very popular, even a favorite of many people. With a simple feel, a little white color adds to the impression of the room.

The existence of additional wall decoration, a small table on the right and the left side of the bed is enough to fill the existing emptiness.

With the chandelier certainly makes the design cooler, of course, the main purpose of adding a chandelier to provide lighting.

The presence of benches and carpets also have efficient and functional properties in the room.

In addition to filling in the blanks, it also makes the Tumblr room design cooler, even though it looks very simple and simple.

It turns out that there are quite a lot of tumble room ideas, prioritizing comfort in determining the design! besides interesting, the Tumblr room certainly has a high enough aesthetic value.

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