Shower Tile Ideas

Whether using a mini shower or a large bathtub, the bathroom does have an important role in everyday life.

To make the bathroom design more attractive then you can use the right shower tile ideas according to the size of the room, and also the design.

Thus, before making the design of the room, choose a shower tile theme that will create the feel of a modern style bathroom with the right choice!

How to Tile a Shower

Prepare a Shower for the Tiles then attach a piece of metal or plastic under the shower floor then select a steam barrier to be installed.

Install a strong supporting cement board, provide 1/8 “space between the panels.

Use a drill to cut the hole where the showerhead and handle will come out then smooth the edges with the filler mixture.

Give a base paint so that the design is better.

Place the tile on the substrate then arrange it properly then wet the cement board with a sponge so that it will not be vulnerable and cracked easily. Put the first tile in the middle of the wall.

Continue to lay the tile, making sure to use the spacer between the tiles. Let the tile stick for 48 hours. Grout the tiles. Allow the grout to dry for about 3 days before coating.

Shower Tile Ideas

Best Shower Tile Ideas

You can design a modern style bathroom using transparent glass. Well, additional drainage pumps can make it easier for you to install a shower.

Bathroom floors and walls are all made of white marble floors and black walls can make your bathroom feel brighter.

Thus it will make your bathroom more comfortable and soothing. the use of transparent glass design has indeed become the style of modern bathroom architecture so it is quite alluring to most people.

Suitable for minimalist and maximal space designs!

Subway Tile Shower

Subway Tile Shower Design Ideas

The use of various types of tiles is now a favorite of many people. That is because the design can be quite modern and unique. Thus, choose a tile color that is very suitable to make the room cooler.

That is because the tiles can indeed add a bathroom interior style with bohemian, modern, farmhouse, and other designs. With the right arrangement will certainly make a more modern style of space.

You can combine tiles with colors, place settings and subway-shaped tiles. Although simple and simple, it turns out that the design is quite eye-catching. Simple but varied.

Shower Floor Tile

Shower Floor Tile Picture

The woven floor motif can make the design of your bathroom space more varied. Choices of attractive bathroom floor motifs will further make the room quite cool.

The existence of wall hangings will increasingly make the room feel more modern in style. Well, the installation of tiles that are designed like a brick makes the room become a modern style.

Especially the use of transparent glass makes the room more stylish luxury. The existence of an additional basket of clothes using rattan was able to make the bathroom feel higher artistic value.

Shower Tile Designs

Shower Tile Designs Ideas

Modern design for a minimalist bathroom is very popular, with modern tile shades now. No exception to the bathroom design coupled with a shower cubicle with a shower that has a glass wall.

Of course, coupled with an open door design or with a sliding door. Well, this design has Shower Tile Designs using tiles with skylights, acrylic tiles, and others.

Know the design of the style shower tile design is very good to blow up space. Recommended for those of you who have a minimalist design style. With the white color, it emphasizes the impression of elegance in the room.

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Amazing Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

The picture above has a wall design with the type or motif of Penny tiles which is a bathroom floor motif with a hexagonal shape with a small size. The motive of this bathroom wall certainly seems very pretty with its neat installation

Combine colors so the bathroom walls look more modern in style! Even though it looks simple with its tile motif, it will still make the bathroom feel more comfortable.

Additional accent bulb lights on the wall will further decorate the bathroom to be quite cool. With a light, green color on the tile will make the nuances in the room more varied which adds beauty.

Shower Wall Tile

Shower Wall Tile Photo

It turns out that the Shower Wall Tile design will seem more pleasing to the eye with its beam-like shape. Perfect for filling minimalist bathroom spaces to give the impression of a wider space.

Of course, the use of this one design can be the right choice to save a budget. With a narrow space but was able to create a design that is quite simple now but modern.

with the right tile arrangement, it turns out that the shape is quite beautiful. Moreover, the brown color makes the room feel more comfortable.

The color of the brown tile which is wide enough will make the design cooler, but still memorable cooler.

Tile Shower Pan

Tile Shower Pan Image

Tile Shower Pan gives the impression of a design that is unique because it looks very small tile shape so it is enough to make the room varied.

Well, choose a tile motif by the theme in the room so that it will make the design of the room more harmonious.

The combination of the tile shower pan, wall tiles, and floor tiles must have a harmonious combination but still good to look at even though they do not have the same color.

Although the design is minimalist, the small tile tiles emphasize the impression with a high enough aesthetic value.

Wood Tile Shower

Wood Tile Shower Design Ideas

Did you know that the design of the Wood Tile Shower does not give the feel of the ancients? it turns out that this design has a higher classical value.

Look at the tile wood design that fills the design of the room makes the bathroom feel more spacious with its modern style. Although decorated with tile colors that look dull, but add a little rustic impression that is quite alluring.

Thus the design must be pretty good, right? although impressed contemporary but its distinctive value with its classic colors is quite alluring.

Shower Tile Patterns

Best Shower Tile Patterns Photo

The motifs of Shower Tile Patterns can be one of the ideas that make your bathroom seem luxurious. Of course, the design does look unique, doesn’t it?

Combine the motif of shower tile pattern with granite so that it will make the room even cooler! of course, the design is very suitable for a room that is high enough so that the pattern design can be made with an elongated style.

Pattern motifs are still rarely used in bathroom designs so that they can become their distinctive features that are quite attractive, even making the design seem more luxurious.

White Subway Tile Shower

White Subway Tile Shower Design Ideas

Please note that the design of the White Subway Tile Shower has indeed become a favorite of many people. It turns out that the white color can make the room wider and more lively.

Look at the white subway tile shower combined with transparent glass doors is quite interesting with its modern style so that it can make the feel of comfortable bathroom space with luxurious style.

Of course, to create a bathroom design like the picture above does require a fairly large budget. The white color remains a favorite that can fill the shades of a more colorful room.

Shower Floor Tile Ideas

Amazing Shower Floor Tile Ideas

Look at the very varied Mosaic Shower Floor Tile Ideas that make the room quite crowded from the floor side. Well, the choice of motifs for the bathroom floor must be right to provide comfort to its users.

But the design is more suitable for those of you who have a fairly large room.

As the picture above shows, the floor with many motifs combined with the glass door and then has a patterned wall with the right arrangement so it looks pretty cool!

DIY Tile Shower

DIY Tile Shower Picture

DIY Tile Shower remains synonymous with a luxurious feel. Seen from the order of blue light that adorns the walls. Coupled with gold-colored faucets and showers so that increasingly impressed modern.

Well, the design is quite elegant without having to spend a big enough budget. Even with the use of a towel rack with only a golden-colored iron also makes the design cooler.

You only need to arrange the arrangement of tiles with the right color so that it looks more pleasing to the eye!

Lowes Shower Tile

Lowes Shower Tile Image

Lowes Shower Tile’s appearance is unique and interesting. Moreover, it added with a very neat arrangement of tile wood motifs so that the impression is cooler.

Look at the design is very suitable for a minimalist bathroom that saves space.

The bathroom design is a more cool and modern style when added to the style of sliding glass doors to save space usage. lowes shower tile can be seen from the installation of a unique window.

The use of a combination of wide tiles for walls, while small tiles for floors with matching colors will make the design more stylish.

Home Depot Shower Tile

Home Depot Shower Tile Photo

Do you know what the Home Depot Shower Tile is like? the appearance is quite simple like a glass beam without a roof with walls and small tile floors that give its unique impression.

Of course, this design is perfect for minimalist space designs!

Look at that the transparent glass beam design combined with the arrangement of the tiles turned out to be quite attractive because it is pleasing to the eye. Especially in the picture has orange tiles so that makes the nuance come alive.

The addition of accent furniture, such as cabinets will certainly make the feel of space more filled.

Tile Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Tile Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Have Small Bathrooms? no need to worry because right now there is the most recommended idea to make a cool bathroom design, even with only a very affordable budget.

Well, you can use Tile Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms so it looks quite modern and elegant. This one design has a design with transparent glass which has two bathroom glass doors.

The additional interesting motif of the tile makes the design of the room look more elegant with the right arrangement.

White Shower Tile

White Shower Tile Picture

Know that the White Shower Tile is now a favorite of most people. Why is that? that is because the appearance is simple and simple it turns out to be able to make the design pleasing to the eye.

The combination of white for the walls and the bathroom floor is enough to make the design of the room look more elegant without having to spend a fairly expensive budget.

Thus the white shower tile can also be used for your bathroom color choices for a minimalist or large enough.

Best Tile for Shower Walls

Best Tile for Shower Walls Image

What is unique about the Best Tile for Shower Walls design? It turns out that this one design has the uniqueness of the look of a wall patterned into small black tiles that quite gives the feel of variety in the room.

Look at the simpler design is better with the addition of the wall motif which is then coupled with a large brown tile arrangement motif so that it adds more aesthetic design.

The use of showers placed on the patterned wall is indeed very efficient. Also, adding the beauty of space is more functional.

See that this one design is more aesthetic and artistic when the door uses curtains so the nuances are more varied.

Glass Tile Shower

Glass Tile Shower Design Ideas

Glass Tile Shower bathroom design makes the feel of the room more crowded and lit.

Look at the picture above, of course, the impression of glass tile will add a unique impression that also gives the artist an impression that does provide its luxury value.

Thus, you should indeed choose the design to fill the bathroom design with transparent glass to add the impression of variation that is quite cool!

The existence of these motifs is very much to make the nuances of space more filled.

Walk-in Shower Tile Ideas

Walk-in Shower Tile Design Ideas

By applying the Walk-in Shower Tile Ideas, it will give a more functional impression. See that the design is indeed unique, isn’t it?

Visible from the installation of a shower that can be removed so that it can be used in a shower position in any position.

Also, this one design has the advantage of the motive of the wall is quite lit with bluish-colored glass tiles. Well, the design is suitable for minimalist spaces and spaces that have a size large enough.

Not only is the design good, but it also turns out that the functional value is very high.

Small Shower Tile Ideas

Amazing Small Shower Tile Ideas

Small Shower Tile Ideas is indeed a pretty cool design. Why is that? know that tile ideas will make the nuances in the room more varied.

Look at the design is enough to make the room has a modern style design without making its size fulfilled.

It should be noted that tile is the right solution to add nuance in the bathroom. Especially for minimalist room designs. Things to consider are the proper tile arrangement by choosing a matching tile color.

The picture above has a pretty gray color to color the room. It is also able to make the room feel warmer…

Pebble Tile Shower

Pebble Tile Shower Design Ideas

Pebble Tile Shower adds the feel of the room to be very artistic. Look at this one design that makes the design of bathroom spaces more varied. Thus certainly will make more varied designs.

Pebble placement with the right arrangement will certainly make the room unique. Pebble motifs are suitable to be placed on walls and bathroom floors.

In addition to beautifying the space, it turns out that it is also quite functional because when it is used it does not make the floor slippery.

Wood Look Tile Shower

Wood Look Tile Shower Photo

Look at the Wood Look Tile Shower with sizable wall tiles, but the neat arrangement makes the arrangement more modern in style.

Note that the design of wood tiles for walls and floors is still a favorite of most people.

With a cheap and affordable budget, you can choose a wood tile design that will make the bathroom space more modern in style, even with the addition of transparent glass design that will make the bathroom design look very luxurious and elegant.

From the picture, it is seen wood with colors that are already dull, but still able to make the nuance more cool with classic shades.

Peel And Stick Tile for Shower Walls

Peel And Stick Tile for Shower Walls

The white Peel and Stick Tile for Shower Walls motifs were enough to make the design more attractive. With its small shape, it turns out that the pell and stick can fill the space.

Look at the design is quite simple but it seems very varied.

Surely this one motif is also suitable for bathroom design with transparent glass models so that the pell and stick motif can also be seen from the outside.

Combine with the white color that will make the nuances of the room more lit.

Pebble Tile Shower Floor

Pebble Tile Shower Floor Design Ideas

Pebble Tile Shower Floor not only beautifies the room so it is more pleasing to the eye. But know that this one design does have a functional value high enough so that the floor is not slippery.

Well, in the picture above the pebble is also used to add a little accent to the bathroom wall.

Well, of course, this one design is quite recommended for those of you who want to create a minimalist bathroom design.

The use of a combination of pebble with a large enough brown tile also fills the space which makes the design seams luxurious tread.

Ceramic Tile Shower Ideas

Best Ceramic Tile Shower Ideas

Know the Ceramic Tile Shower Ideas also until now remains a favorite of most people.

With the right color selection and arrangement of ceramic tiles will certainly make the nuances in the bathroom more attractive.

Not only that but visible from the outside also has a better room feel.

Thus it will certainly make the design of space more varied with blue motifs, like the picture above.

Perfect for giving a variety of motifs in the bathroom with a glass design that is getting more stylish!

Stone Tile Shower

Stone Tile Shower Design Ideas

Stone Tile Shower design can also make the room design more pleasing to the eye. Look, this one design does not fully use stone tile but also combines it with ceramics but with the right color combination so it is quite interesting.

Thus, it certainly will provide a new combination that includes a better room design, namely by the combination of tiles and ceramics with a fused brown color so it is harmonious, even quite warm the atmosphere in the room.

Then combined with looking wood tile for the floor to make the bathroom more attractive…

Painting Ceramic Tile In Shower

Painting Ceramic Tile In Shower

Painting Ceramic Tile In Shower can make room values more aesthetic.

Of course, the arrangement of tiles that are also added to painting ceramic tiles does make the design of the room more pleasing to the eye, then also makes the walls more colorful.

But use ceramic panting with a small size so it will not fill the room, but has been able to make the design more modern.

Combine with a matching arrangement of wall and floor tiles to make the design of the room cooler…

Shower Curb Tile

Shower Curb Tile Photo

Seen from the picture above, the Shower Curb Tile is indeed quite cool from its proper arrangement than with its white color which is enough to make the room more lively and colorful.

The white color is quite simple but does not leave a cool impression that is recommended enough to fill in a variety of motifs in the bathroom.

Therefore, now more and more people are choosing white for ceramics, tiles, and bathroom walls.

Grey Shower Tile

Grey Shower Tile Picture

Gray Shower Tile is indeed a color that can warm the room. Even though it looks simple enough, but the gray color can increase comfort.

Therefore, it is not surprising that today more and more people are interested in using it.

Look at the picture above as whole floor tiles and walls have gray tiles that make the room more unified by giving a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Shower Border Tile

Shower Border Tile Image

Shower Border Tile is suitable for you who have a large room. Look at the picture above has a border tile arrangement for walls that have been arranged neatly so that it can make the design more modern and cool.

Use a combination of black will make the room feel cooler.

But, of course, it takes a big enough budget to create a bathroom design with a border tile shower, even though now there are quite a lot of people using it.

Large Tile Shower

Best Large Tile Shower Design Ideas

Large Tile Shower turns out to be enough to make the room look spacious, so this one design is indeed suitable for you who have a minimalist style of space.

Although using large tiles, but can make the nuances of space more varied.

Note that these broad tile motifs are also combined with small tiles as a way to add an artistic impression to the room.

Of course, the use of a large tile shower is enough to make the room more attractive without having to spend a large budget.

Well, Shower Tile Ideas can indeed make a bathroom design more attractive.

You can choose the design combination by adjusting the harmony between the shape of the room, design, and the use of the right color!

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