Modern Valances

The use of Valances usually blends with the curtain fabric to make the design look more modern.

Although its size is quite small,  it is very helpful in making the window look more attractive so that it makes your home design more elegant.

Choose valance motifs to adjust to the design of the room to make it more attractive!

Modern Kitchen Valances

Modern Kitchen Valances Picture

Modern Kitchen Valances can be used as accent accessories so that the room looks more varied.

Choose valance models that are patterned with bright colors so that it will make the kitchen space more colorful.

Besides, by using valances it will be a substitute for curtain fabric in the kitchen so that it seems very simple, but modern.

The model of valances that can be pulled down then rolled up is indeed quite simple, with the selection of the right motives and colors will make the kitchen seem more modern.

Modern Valances Living Room

Modern Valances Living Room Image

It turns out the use of valances in the Living Room is highly recommended because it can make the room look more elegant.

As shown in the picture above, the combination of dark gray curtains with white valances can make the room more warm and comfortable.

In choosing variants of the valances, adjust it to the colors that decorate your family room to be more impressed together, thus it will make the atmosphere with the family become closer and pleasant.

Modern Window Valances Ideas

Modern Window Valances Photo Ideas

Modern Window Valances Ideas with the Noren Japanese model that is half an open door with a plain white color turned out to be very capable of making the design of the room look more comfortable.

Well, the use of valances on this one is to make it easier for residents to see the scenery outside the house without having to open the window.

With its transparent color, it makes the room feel more modern.

The modern valances turned out to be suitable as workspaces because their transparent nature can provide a natural view outside the home so it does not give the impression of being saturated.

Modern Farmhouse Valances

Modern Farmhouse Valances Picture

Modern Farmhouse Valances give a natural impression that will make the room feel more classic but luxurious.

Well, this one valances model is like made of woven bamboo so it is very unique.

Although impressed is very simple, but the nuances in the room will be increasingly impressed with the modern style of contemporary valances.

To further give a rustic impression, it can be added with brown woven carpets and wooden seats.

Although it is made from natural materials it will make the room seem more modern without leaving a modern impression.

Modern Curtain Valances

Modern Curtain Valances Image

Modern Curtain Valances are the most favorite choice for most people to combine with curtains.

Well, curtain valances must-have colors and motifs that are compatible with the curtains so that the tone of the room will be in harmony so that it shows the impression of luxury and elegance.

Valances curtain models can be used for living room windows, living rooms, and bedrooms to give a more varied impression with the curtain motif.

Modern Kitchen Curtains and Valances

Modern Kitchen Curtains and Valances Photo

Today’s Modern Kitchen Curtains and Valances are Japanese models with a half-door display that will make the design of the room more colorful.

To make the kitchen room design more colorful then you can choose to use colored motifs valances.

With the existence of valances, it will open a little fertilization in the kitchen without having to open the window.

The unique valance model in the picture above can be seen from the design which only has the top and bottom windows, which have curtains.

Meanwhile, there is no curtain in the middle of the window so that it can provide more full lighting.

Mid Century Modern Valances

Mid Century Modern Valances Image

Mid Century is a design style in the 1950s which is now starting to be developed again with a modern style so it is very interesting with its motives.

This valances model can be combined with curtains or without curtains. Suitable to decorate the family room and kitchen space to get light and ventilation from the outside.

Mid Century gives a modern impression with the Japanese valance style that only exists at the top of the window.

Modern Valances for Blinds

Modern Valances for Blinds Photo

Modern Valances for Blinds is very luxurious when combined with white curtains in your living room.

Use a combination of more than one set so that it will increasingly make the room seem modern style.

Well, usually the blinds that are used are made of bamboo, not from fabric so it also displays the rustic style.

Consider the selection of sofas that are also one tone with the color of the valance of the blinds.

Modern Valances for Dining Room

Modern Valances for Dining Room Picture

Modern Valances for Dining Room is more elegant with a combination of white valances that warms the room.

Combine modern valances with grayish curtains without giving a dark feel.

Well, the more modern impression is obtained when you use a combination of white themes for the color of the furniture in the living room, including chairs, lamps, and tables.

Modern Valances for Beds

Modern Valances for Beds

Valances can also be combined with wooden beds, the combination of white valances is very warm. Perfect for your minimalist bedroom design.

Not only can it be used as accessories, but it turns out the valance design can also prevent the arrival of mosquitoes to make it more comfortable when sleeping.

Modern Valances for Beds turned out to provide classic and modern.

Well, the fusion of design is highly recommended in winter.

Rustic Modern Valances

Rustic Modern Valances Ideas

Rustic Modern Valances is very suitable for spacious design rooms with full glass, of course, the use of valances is indeed to get light from outside than can also add a natural feel when outside there is a view of plants.

Well, you can choose plain white valances so that the design of the room is cooler.

Add rustic furniture, choose a dark sofa so that it will warm up your living room.

Also, combine brown rugs so that there are more natural shades.

Valance is one of the accessories that will make a more modern design of space with various variants of models and motifs, adjusting the style of the room to provide more value.

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