Dining Table

The dining table should be the main furniture in the dining room.

Its function is used to eat with the whole family with a relaxed atmosphere that provides warmth between families. Of course, by giving the feel of comfort.

Nowadays there are indeed very many dining table models that are popular among the people to make the dining table look more attractive.

The dining table has many attractive designs that will make your home look more luxurious and modern in style. Choose the model according to the capacity of the room!

IKEA Dining Table

IKEA Dining Table Photo

IKEA dining table remains a favorite of most people, perfect for a family gathering room. Although the space needed is not too large, but it can add a fairly long dining table.

This IKEA dining table can be folded so that when many families want to eat together then you can spread the edges.

Looks very simple, right?

Wooden table with the original color added five wooden lamination chairs which increasingly add the impression of luxury and modernity.

Well, additional benches with carpet accents are certainly quite functional.

Dining Table Set

Dining Table Set Picture

Choosing a dining table does not need to be confused.

So, you only need to buy a dining table set consisting of one rectangular table with six chairs so that it can be a gathering place with family.

Well, the model or design of the chair above will certainly make your room quite charming right?

Without an excessive chair model, it turns out the simplicity of a dining table set is also quite interesting with the glossy wood laminate color.

Of course, it can be a choice for you without having to spend quite a lot of budget.

Round Dining Table

Round Dining Table Image

Have a minimalist room design? well, Round Dining Table is recommended to make your room more modern in style!

Although, it does not have a large space capacity you can use a round dining table solution which only has 4 chairs. Perfect for you who have only two children!

However, this round table seems less formal if it is used for formal meetings with quite a large number of members.

Therefore, it is better when used as a family dining table that is private and relaxed.

Additional carpet accents will make the dining room design more attractive for sure!

Dining Room Table Sets

Dining Room Table Sets Design Ideas

Dining Room Table Sets like in the picture above looks quite elegant, right? with a rectangular wooden dining table model that is glossy brown, it looks elegant.

Moreover, when added with a unique wooden chair added with gray colored foam which adds a sense of comfort to its users.

Adding carpet will also give a relaxed feel to the occupants!

With a crowded wall decoration will also make your dining room look more modern and attractive.

Farmhouse Dining Table

Farmhouse Dining Table Ideas




With a wooden dining table model full of carvings added with white foamed wooden chairs certainly a little impressive Farmhouse Dining Table in a modern style.

Add flower decorations to the dining table is also quite soothing to the eye.

For those of you who like the beauty of plants, you can try to use this dining table idea. With the overall white color makes the room feel more alive for sure.

Extendable Dining Table

Extendable Dining Table

Extendable Dining Table becomes a design that is recommended for those of you who have a minimalist room because the design does not take up space.

With the shape of a square dining table added with four unique extendable chairs that are certainly simple but very comfortable with additional foam.

If seen, the model is indeed quite similar to an office chair huh?

It turns out it can also be used as a dining chair that adds a sense of relaxation with comfort.

Well, of course, this one chair model can indeed be folded!

Small Dining Table

Small Dining Table Photo

A square dining table set added with four medium-sized chairs can fill your dining area to make it look more attractive.

The unique wooden chair model added with foam adds even more comfort. Perfect for you who have a small family.

The design is indeed very simple, but with a neat arrangement can still provide its feeling of comfort for sure!

Modern Dining Table

Modern Dining Table Picture

What does a modern dining table look like? seen from the picture above that the design of a dining place with a combination of wood, iron, aluminum, and foam that is used as one indeed adds to the feel of the present.

Therefore, now many people choose to use wood boards with some additional rustic nuances and then added with aluminum and iron for longer durability.

Additional foam with a dark color will indeed warm the room and provide a higher level of comfort!

Glass Dining Table

Glass Dining Table Image

Glass dining table certainly seems very luxurious, right? especially with the addition of buffer wood that looks very strong like the picture above.

Well, nowadays there are indeed many people who use glass dining table designs. In addition to adding a modern impression, it is also easier to clean.

The existence of a black foam chair design further strengthens the feel of a restaurant to seem more luxurious.

The dining table idea can be used for minimalist or maximalist home designs.

Live Edge Dining Table

Live Edge Dining Room Table

Live Edge Dining Table is perfect for creating modern-style cafe or restaurant designs, like today which is preferred by young people.

Moreover, the design is quite good as a photo spot. Well, know that the design is indeed quite recommended for a minimalist or maximalist style of dining.

You only need to take into account the required table size. So, you can also apply the dining table design at home so that it is more interesting.

Rustic Dining Table

Rustic Dining Table Design Ideas

The rustic dining table is more visible than the original wood color with the original motif still visible.

When you choose the idea of a dining table then you should also combine it with the nuances of the walls that reinforce the classic nuances.

From the picture, the rustic impression can be seen through the neat arrangement of the rocks, without making walls with paint. Even so, your dining room is also more attractive.

Choosing a dining table only needs to pay attention to its comfort so it does not prioritize uniqueness. With a neat arrangement that can beautify the room.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table combined with a foamy chair with a pretty dull color turned out to be very classic!

Make no mistake with dull colors it can display the design of your dining room cooler. Look at the picture above, it’s quite interesting, right?

The idea of structuring one dining table is indeed very relaxed so that it can be used as a gathering place with family by providing a feeling of comfort.

Outdoor Dining Table

Outdoor Dining Table Ideas

Not only is the design of the indoor dining table attractive, but also know that the design of the outdoor dining table is also very comfortable.

How come? outside the room will certainly give a feel of coolness from the air outside the house, especially being able to enjoy the beauty of plants.

If you are interested in making outdoor dining table designs then choose the rectangular shape so that it will fit for many people to enjoy meals and food together.

Thus it can be used as a casual dining room with those closest to you.

West Elm Dining Table

West Elm Dining Table PhotoWest Elm Dining Table Photo

Recognize the design of the West Elm Dining Table seems more unique with the presence of brass which makes the impression more elegant.

Be aware that tables and chairs that use brass are indeed stronger and sturdier.

You can use the dining table idea without consuming room capacity.

The additional foam on the iron chair will certainly provide more comfort for you!

Expandable Dining Table

Expandable Dining Table Picture

Expandable Dining Table is indeed very functional, so it can be expanded according to your needs. Usually used for minimalist rooms, can also be for large rooms.

With the addition of four wooden chairs with a brown color, it does look quite luxurious.

The addition of a carpet with a brown color also adds to the impression of your dining room getting more and more luxurious.

Well, just add four chairs to make your dining room more varied.

Folding Dining Table

Folding Dining Table Image

Have a very minimalist dining room? no need to worry, you can use the most appropriate solution, which is to choose a Folding Dining Table design.

Well, this design certainly won’t take up space. It can even be moved as desired because the table can be folded.

Although impressed is very simple, but know that the design is indeed enough to fill a minimalist dining room. It turned out that the restaurant table idea can also create a romantic feel with your partner.

Marble Dining Table

Modern Marble Dining Table Design Ideas

Marble Dining Table indeed adds a luxurious impression to your dining room! other than that certainly a set of dining tables also seemed more and more strong and sturdy.

Thus it is no wonder that many people are now using it. Not only beautifies the dining room but also provides enough comfort.

Especially with the carpet accents underneath so it can create warmth with the people closest to the dining room!

Square Dining Table

Square Dining Table Design Ideas

Square Dining Table combination of wood from granite makes the design quite modern. You can combine the design with a foamed wooden chair that adds enough comfort.

Although, the shape of a square table is certainly enough for five chairs so that it can be used as a table to relax with family.

The combination of square dining table with harmonious room nuances also beautifies the design of the room!

White Dining Table

Small White Dining Table Photo

Like the nuances of white? This design is perfect for those of you who like simplicity.

Square dining table with 4 white wooden chairs can indeed liven up the feel around the room.

Well, do not forget to combine with the color of the walls of the paint so that it will make the room seem more alive.

Only by using a combination of white color, can make the room design look modern.

Oval Dining Table

Oval Dining Table Picture

Did you know that now there is also an Oval Dining Table which is a favorite of most people?

It is certainly due to the elongated shape of this table design so that it can be used to eat together with a large family.

Of course, it is not suitable for you who have a minimalist home design!

If you have a large and spacious dining room will look more elegant with the appearance of this one-room design.

A set of dining table is recommended once with a cream color that is quite pleasing to the eye.

DIY Dining Table

Amazing DIY Dining Table Design Ideas

As one of the DIY Dining Table is more recommended for those of you who have a minimalist space design.

Well, it can be seen from the picture above that there is a design of a wooden beams table that gives a rustic feel that has become a favorite of most people.

An additional six wooden chairs that have been laminated with brown color increasingly make the design cool dining!

Although it looks simple enough, the important thing is to provide comfort.

Mid Century Modern Dining Table

Minimalist Mid Century Modern Dining Table and Chairs

Seen in the picture above Mid Century Modern Dining Table seems quite interesting from the table model that can be folded.

Then the table legs that have the same shape as the chair legs so that it adds variety in the dining room.

Well, additional foam on the dining chair will add comfort.

If you don’t eat with a lot of people then you can fold the table so it won’t fill the capacity of the room.

Wood Dining Table

Wood Dining Table Image

Seen in the picture above Mid Century Modern Dining Table seems quite interesting from the table model that can be folded.

Then the table legs that have the same shape as the chair legs so that it adds variety in the dining room.

Well, additional foam on the dining chair will add comfort.

If you don’t eat with a lot of people then you can fold the table so it won’t fill the capacity of the room.

Drop Leaf Dining Table

Drop Leaf Dining Table with Storage

Drop Leaf Dining Table is highly recommended for those of you who have a narrow dining room capacity.

Well, also know this one dining table is quite special with the arrangement of the shelves underneath which can be used to place plates, bowls, and other dining equipment.

Of course, the idea of dining table on this one is indeed very functional, right? You can make it the right solution for a minimalist style dining room.

Narrow Dining Table

Narrow Dining Table Photo

Have a minimalist dining room, but want to have a dining room that downloads lots of people? No need to worry. You can use a narrow dining table design that is simple and simple but can take many people to make a place to eat with your family.

So, this narrow dining table has a set of tables, two chairs, and one chair. A rectangular table with just one bench is enough for many people. Thus it will not make the room seem very narrow.

Dining Table with Bench

Best Dining Table with Bench and 3 Chairs

The bench is one solution for those of you who have a narrow space but the amount of housing a lot. Of course, benches aren’t just for one person, so they are more budget-efficient and space-conscious.

Dining table ideas that look like using benches are also attractive in a contemporary style. Well, wooden chairs with foam benches also provide a high level of comfort.

You also have to choose a dining table that matches the size of the bench to make it look attractive.

Counter Height Dining Table

Counter Height Dining Table Design Ideas

Counter Height Dining Table indeed offers quite an elegant impression in your dining room! when you want to have a luxurious dining table then you can use colors with high contours, like in the picture above. For example, using a blend of dark brown laminated so that it seems quite shiny.

If you want to mix with foam, it is recommended to have a brownish color. Well, the design makes the dining room look cool with a set of dining tables that seem very strong endurance.

Round Glass Dining Table

Round Glass Dining Table Photo

Round Glass Dining Table is more suitable for you who have a minimalist space, so usually, a round table does require a more narrow space. Besides, usually also requires more and fewer chairs so that it takes up space.

Of course, round glass tables will give a more modern impression in this day and age. Most people already use it to make the dining room cooler! besides, it’s also easier to clean so it’s not easy to get dirty.

Pottery Barn Dining Table

Pottery Barn Dining Table

Pottery Barn Dining Table has a characteristic of the design of the chair which is very relaxed with the back jutting into the back. Thus, of course, this wooden chair model is indeed more comfortable, right?

Moreover, added to the foam on the chair will increasingly provide comfort to relax at the dining table. Well, even though it looks simple but this type of dining table is highly recommended for you!

Add a chandelier that will make your dining design look more luxurious!

Dining Table And Chairs

Hampstead Oak Stylish Dining Table And Chairs

Dining Tables And Chairs do not have to be fancy with unique shapes, the most important thing is that it can provide comfort when eating with people nearby. As seen in the picture above, the design is very simple, right? with a round dining table plus four foamed wooden chairs will increasingly provide comfort when eating together.

Well, the place to eat is certainly recommended for those of you who have two children.

Mid Century Dining Table

Mid Century Dining Table

Mid Century Dining Table looks very classic with a round table plus four foam wood chairs that have a matching classic brown color that makes your dining room more memorable modern! Look at these dining table ideas suitable to be placed outdoors.

If you want to apply it indoors it is also suitable as long as it has enough space capacity with the right arrangement!

Glass Top Dining Table

Glass Top Dining Table Design Ideas

Glass Top Dining Table seems very luxurious, right? the idea is more suitable for meeting rooms or dining rooms that are formal and official. However, if you have a very wide space design then you can also use the idea of this dining table.

However, this glass top dining table certainly requires an expensive budget!

Marble Top Dining Table

Marble Top Dining Table

Marble Top Dining Table is not much different from the glass table which has now many users. Not only seem luxurious, but this dining table model also looks strong and sturdy enough to last for a long time.

When you add a foam chair design, of course also enough to make the dining room look more attractive and stylish luxury! The long table is very suitable to be combined with marble!

Solid Wood Dining Table

Solid Wood Dining Table

The Solid Wood Dining Table is also not inferior to the marble dining table model that looks very strong, but the idea of this solid wood dining table turned out to be quite classic, so many people were interested in using it. The addition of foamed chairs in a matching color with natural wood gives a very interesting impression.

Well, when you use the idea of a dining table this one certainly does not require a more expensive budget.

Industrial Dining Table

Rustic Industrial Dining Table Design Ideas

Industrial Dining Table looks more attractive with the use of chairs and wooden tables combined with iron to add a unique impression with a fairly varied shape. Seen elongated table shape with six chairs is highly recommended for a place to eat with the family.

The choice of dark colors like the picture above turns out to look quite interesting!

Crate And Barrel Dining Table

Crate And Barrel Dining Table

Be aware that the Crate And Barrel Dining Table is very unique, so you can use one dining table, two plastic chairs, and one bench that will fill a more varied dining room. Don’t forget to add accent crates or baskets on the table so that it adds an interesting nuance to your dining table.

No need to worry, you don’t need to spend a lot of budgets.

Costco Dining Table

Costco Dining Table Design Ideas

Costco Dining Table is more attractive with a variant of the shape of the table and chairs, with wood that looks very thick added the use of shiny brown color makes the design of the dining room more powerful!

Of course, the accent foam on the chair will increasingly provide comfort when eating together.

Target Dining Table

Best Target Dining Table Image

The Target Dining Table looks more functional with the stacking racks under the table. You can immediately combine it with chairs and tables with sparkling colors so that it adds a luxurious and modern impression.

The idea was also recommended to be used as a dining table with a narrow space because it could put various dining utensils under the target dining table. For, the seat model can be adjusted to your liking.

Round Dining Table for 8

Round Dining Table for 8 Picture

Round Dining Table for 8 is usually used for a variety of meeting activities that are official so it requires a display that looks luxurious and elegant. Round table can also fit a lot of chairs. Now, the additional foam on the chair will increasingly provide comfort for mutual discussion on the dining table.

Also suitable for use in homes that have a large enough room capacity!

Concrete Dining Table

Concrete Dining Table Photo

Concrete Dining Table seems stronger with its durability which does look very sturdy. Well, the size of the thickness is unmatched so it makes the dining room design look pretty cool!

Additional iron chairs are also enough to make the room look more attractive, suitable for meeting places to eat as well as for dining with large families that create a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy.

Still confused about the dining table? of the many types and models can make your dining room more attractive. Keep prioritizing comfort when choosing it? to create fun nuances with family and loved ones.

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