Box Fence

Not only the interior of the house that must be arranged attentively, the layout of a charming and elegant exterior design will also make the design of the house look more luxurious.

One of them is the box fence design which is now very varied with a modern look so that your home design is more contemporary.

Shadow Box Fence

Shadow Box Fence

Shadow Box Fence has a classic style because the fence is made of wood so it can make the design of the house more attractive.

Well, besides that this one box fence can also save a budget.

Although cheap, this shadow fence model turned out to have a high enough privacy value.

Then with the shadow around the fence is indeed an additional design increasingly impressed with a very modern style.

How to Build

No need to worry about how to make a shadow box fence is very easy, first choose a wooden pallet measuring two meters, then take two pieces of long pallet wood that have been prepared.

After that, determine how much distance between the desired fence gap tenuous or tight.

If so, you can mark it with a pencil then cut it into a pallet with a saw.

Nails every wood that has been cut, attach it to each section of the fence to be installed.

Fence paint following a good color so that the design of the house will be more attractive.


Before you install a fence, you must pay attention to factors that must be considered from the durability of the material, the suitability of the fence model, maintenance of the fence, then also adjust the budget you have.

Well, the price of a shadow box fence is cheaper than an iron fence. However, you do have to be more routine in doing maintenance.

Shadowbox Fence Material Prices are $ 900.00, Shadowbox Fence Installation Cost $ 575.00, Shadowbox Fence Total $ 1475.00 which price greatly minimizes the exact budget.

Shadow Box Fence Panels

Shadow Box Fence Panels Picture

Shadow Box Fence Panels have a very high level of privacy and security because it has a very sticky wooden joint design.

Thus certainly will not make others able to enter the house without permission from the owner.

Although it seems very closed, it can make the house look more classic with wood.

Well, this one wooden fence design is very suitable for you who have a very wide land with a yard that has green grass so it looks more beautiful.

Flower Box on Fence

Flower Box on Fence Photo

Flower box turns out to also make the view of the wooden fence seem to bind nature.

Thus certainly make the appearance of your home page design more attractive with the beauty of flowers.

The design can be combined with shadow wood shades with a classic nuance that will make the exterior design of your house more modern in style.

This wooden fence model has become one of the choices of many people who want to have a modern home design without spending much budget.

Fence Mailbox

Fence Mailbox Picture

The mailbox will also make the fence design look more elegant, but this model is suitable to be combined with an iron fence so that the exterior design of the house will seem stronger and more robust.

Although now rarely see people who send letters, but the function and benefits of the mailbox can be used to leave messages when at home when there are no residents.

However, the budget that must be spent when making an iron fence design with a mailbox is certainly much more expensive.

Horizontal Shadow Box Fence

Horizontal Shadow Box Fence Image

Horizontal Shadow Box Fence turned out to be highly recommended for those of you who have a wide front yard with a green expanse of grass to make the feel of the house feel more privacy. Well, this fence design is also denser without providing open sections on each fence.

With a wooden fence that will further make the exterior design of the house look more rustic and classic, it’s no wonder more people are interested in displaying it with an additional vase with trees that impress natural design so that the feel of the house will be more beautiful.

Garden Box With Fence

Garden Box With Fence Photo

Garden Box With Fence will make the home page more beautiful, presenting a very beautiful air.

Although, there is a fence it does not prevent you from designing the house with natural nuances so that the house has a very beautiful view.

Wood fence with additional gardens in it gives the impression of its beauty with a simple design without having to spend an expensive budget.

Box Wood Fence

Double Side Box Wood Fence Ideas

Box-style Wood Fence is very simple and simple but it turns out to be a favorite of most people.

With a wooden pallet board, it makes the exterior design more attractive.

With a rustic feel, it will make the house look more classic style.

You can make it with various designs to make the home area more impressed with privacy with a fairly high level of security.

The box fence model has certainly been a design for a long time aiming to make the house more impressed by having a very high level of security.

Shadow Box Fence Gate

Double Sided Shadow Box Fence Gate Picture

Although it seems very tight, of course, every fence has a gate for access in and out.

However, the design of the gate is certainly very varied, can be adjusted to your liking.

Well, recognize that the wooden fence is certainly very suitable to be combined with a wooden gate so that it has one tone that shows harmony.

If you use an iron fence, the gate must also be similar, that is, using iron so that it gives a more attractive impression.

Shadow Box Fence vs Board On Board

Awesome Adorable Board On Board Fence Ideas

What is shadow box fence vs board on board? know that the design is made with a combination of boards that form a box fence with a variety of shadows so that it is very majestic.

Although only using wooden fences, but the budget that must be used is indeed quite large.

Use wood with good quality so that it will look more sturdy which also provides durable quality.

The use of this one fence model is well suited for exterior designs with a very large yard.

Box Wire Fence

Box Wire Fence Image Ideas

The combination of wood and wire fences does not seem to be privatized, but you don’t need to worry about using wire for fences, it also has a high level of security.

This design certainly seems very modern, isn’t it?

If you are interested in using this design, it is better to keep the yard clean and then make the design more attractive on the home page so that it looks from the outside that the exterior design of your home is very beautiful.

Shadow Box Fence Vinyl

Shadow Box Fence Vinyl Photo

Vinyl can make a more modern home design style, although made from plastic but the wood motif is very good.

Besides, it can also make the quality of a wooden fence not be easily damaged.

Well, vinyl fence design will further make the exterior design look cool.

Perfectly combined with a minimalist style fence that also adds its unique value of course.

Shadow Box Fence With Lattice Top

Shadow Box Fence With Lattice Top Picture

Topattice on the fence gives the impression is quite interesting because it provides variations on the model of the fence today.

Well, it is very suitable to be combined with a wooden fence with a spacing of each wood that will provide its ventilation coupled with a garden in the yard.

That way the appearance of the home page will become more shady and beautiful so that it is recommended to be used as a place to relax with your family.

Brush Box Fence

Best Brush Box Fence Ideas

Rush Box Fence is best used as a plantation fence that must be kept so that it is not cut down by others.

If it is used for the fence of the house it is indeed less recommended so that not many people use it.

However, if the brush box is small then it is good enough for your home that has a large yard area.

Do you have a large or narrow yard?

No need to worry about various box fence designs that will make the exterior style of the house cooler.

Adjust to your favorite budget and design!

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