Bedroom Furniture Sets

As a private room, the bedroom design with a set of furniture is something that must be considered specifically.

The design of the space certainly depends on how wide space is.

Well, choose a set of a bedroom that can make your room more unique and attractive so that it gives its comfort.


Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets Under $500

Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets Under $500

Have a minimal budget? You can choose a simple design but still luxurious by choosing Furniture Sets Under $ 500.

From the picture above, it can be seen that the room is quite spacious so that it can use the design of wardrobe furniture, cabinets as well as dressing tables, and other small cabinets that are placed in various angles.

Well, you can use a variety of wooden furniture that increasingly makes the room design seem elegant with the original wood color.

To fill the space then you can add a flower vase, a picture frame, or a painting on the wall.

With bedroom sets made of wood, certainly not spending too much budget.

Queen Bedroom Furniture Sets

Queen Bedroom Furniture Sets Image

Queen bedroom sets designing a luxurious bedroom with a combination of marble with brownish black-themed wood indeed makes your bedroom design even more luxurious.

Well, the addition of a wide carpet will also make it seem elegant. Design also with white curtains that will increasingly give the feel of living space.

To add to the luxury design in the queen bedroom, add a luxurious bed lamp, flower vase, and a framed dressing table.

Customize the combination of each furniture to make it look more elegant.

Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets

Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets for Girls and Boys Picture

Children’s bedroom designs are now increasingly unique with a combination of several wall wallpapers that can display a child’s favorite cartoon.

The picture above shows the bedroom of a boy who has a love of basketball so that almost all of his furniture has a picture of basketball.

Well, the design of a child’s bed certainly only includes a small-sized bed plus a bookshelf and study table, as well as a wardrobe.

Add a touch of favorite cartoons or favorite objects for children to be more comfortable in the room.


Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets Under $200

Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets Under $200 with Antique Clock and Simple Minimalist Design

Having a minimal budget, it is not a problem to design rooms that seem more luxurious. Know that you can design a unique bed with Furniture Sets Under $ 200.

How to? So you can use the room is not too broad, then use a combination of white so the room seems spacious.

Use a medium-sized bed made of wood so that it gives a simple but attractive impression.

Add a large wall clock to fill the void in your room.

Badcock Furniture Bedroom Sets

Badcock Furniture Bedroom Sets Traditional Picture

Familiar with the term Badcock Furniture Bedroom Sets? Recognize it as one of the modes of change from classic to modern.

Interested in designing Badcock beds? The budget to design it is certainly quite expensive.

Besides, Badcock is more elegant when combined with a large room.

This Badcock is getting more luxurious with the look of wooden furniture that has been coated with a dark red that is very elegant.

With a combination of gray, dark red, and brown marble it turns out very classic but modern.

Add several photos and painting figures that will give an interesting nuance to your room design.

Bobs Furniture Bedroom Sets

Incredible Bobs Furniture Bedroom Sets Decoration Image

Bob’s Furniture Bedroom Sets design is very inspiring because it makes your bed has a 3D design with a pretty good layout. Choose furniture with matching colors.

Usually, furniture bobs have a gray color so that more comfortable nuances can be felt. Of course, this design can be combined in a minimalist or spacious room.

With this design, the arrangement of various furniture will save space so that it seems very simple

Ashley Furniture Bedroom Sets

Best Ashley Furniture Bedroom Sets Image

As you know, Ashley Furniture Bedroom Sets has a very stylish design that can make your room look more luxurious.

Especially when you combine the color of dark brown with light brown which is very classic but very charming.

Add a carpet that will increasingly make the bed more ascending, heed the design with light brown curtains that increasingly give the feel of life.

Just add a small cupboard, and a dark brown wooden dressing table will also beautify the atmosphere in your room.

El Dorado Furniture Bedroom Sets

Best El Dorado Furniture Bedroom Sets Photo

El Dorado will also give the impression of a luxurious bedroom with very elegant furniture.

El Dorado furniture set has a characteristic of the classic impression of a very classic wood color that is rather dull white.

Use a small cupboard as well as a bedside table, then use a dressing table as well as a shelf closet in your room by using colors to match the bed.

Then combine with the dark brown wall color, light brown curtains so that it can add a luxurious feel.

King Bedroom Furniture Sets

Cozy King Bedroom Furniture Sets Picture

King Bedroom is also a favorite of most people who have spacious rooms.

The design looks more luxurious with the size of a very large bed so that it can be added to a set of bed drawers with iron engraving designs on each of the furniture so that it can be a distinctive feature.

The most recommended color for the king bedroom set is the whole furniture using original colors of wood and then combined with brownish marble floors and brown carpets.

Of course, the design gives a feel like in the kingdom.

Value City Furniture Bedroom Sets

Value City Furniture Bedroom Sets King Size Bed Picture

Bedroom with Value City Furniture is indeed very stylish because the dressing table furniture and bed are made of wood that has been laminated or painted in shiny black.

The furniture set can be combined with dark and bright colors, can be used to design a minimalist and spacious room.

Add a spacious carpet that is soft so that it will give you a warmer feel so that it gives its comfort while in bed.

Toddler Bedroom Furniture Sets

Toddler Boy Bedroom Furniture Sets for Small Rooms

Toddler Bedroom sets are very inspiring to make the design of children’s rooms more unique and interesting.

As in the picture, you can create a design with a car theme so that it will make the child more comfortable in the room.

Certainly very unique right? no need for a spacious room, although having a narrow room will still provide an attractive design.

Toddler bedroom is made of wood with modern manufacture so that it can produce some shelves or furniture sets for very modern bedrooms.

Bob Furniture Bedroom Sets

Bob Furniture Bedroom Sets Image

Bob Furniture has been very trusted with good quality.

Well, the design will also make space look more attractive with the original wood color that has been laminated with shiny brown color.

With the size of the bed large enough to have the characteristic of a drawer at the bottom, it turns out that many people are increasingly interested in using it.

The combination of beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, and bedside tables, all of which are shiny brown, does give a modern impression that is very neatly juxtaposed with white walls.

Rustic Bedroom Furniture Sets

Best Rustic Pine Bedroom Furniture Sets Picture

Rustic Bedroom is synonymous with the feel of nature which also still provides warmth and comfort.

Of course, furniture sets this time are made of wood as a whole.

For a more classic look, use matching colors for windows, walls and all the furniture.

It aims to be able to give the impression of a more luxurious rustic. Although the tone is dull wood but leaves the impression of nature provides comfort and warmth.

Full-Size Bedroom Furniture Sets

Best Full-Size Bedroom Furniture Sets Photo

Full-Size Bedroom can be designed according to each user’s favorite.

From this picture, it is known that the luxurious design can be seen from the right spatial arrangement starting from the arrangement of the cabinet racks which are used for several different uses, namely table lamps, dressing tables, and other decorations.

Choose bedroom furniture that does not fill the room so that it still seems simple with the right arrangement.

Modern Bedroom Furniture Sets

Modern Platform Bedroom Furniture Sets with Storage Under $1000

What is a modern bedroom like?

It turns out that a minimalist design can not be separated from the bedroom now.

You can use a minimalist concept using two color combinations and then add a little decoration that will make the design not space-consuming but attractive.

Doing proper spatial planning with various existing furniture will increasingly introduce modern bedrooms.

City Furniture Bedroom Sets

Best City Furniture Bedroom Sets Under $1000

City Furniture turns out to be one of the minimalist room styles that is a favorite of many people.

For those of you who lack space, it is highly recommended to use this one design.

With its classic style still makes the room seem luxurious, pay attention to the use of a medium-sized bed with a shiny color plus two small storage cabinets that fill the space makes the room look better with the right arrangement.

Furniture Of America Bedroom Sets

Furniture Of America Bedroom Sets Image

Furniture Of America Bedroom Sets not only makes the room design more luxurious, but also makes the room look more antique with bedroom furniture ranging from beds, bunk cabinets, dressers, and all accent accessories with shiny gold color.

By having a one tone color design it is enough to give the impression of a very attractive space.

Combine with matching wall colors coupled with a wide carpet with one tone color.

Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Sets

Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Sets Photo

Solid Wood Bedroom Sets gives the impression of a more classic room because the shape of a solid wood board with a dull brown color has more value to make the bedroom feel warmer.

Beds made from solid wood, solid wood stacking cabinets will give the impression of a more spacious room.

A room with a solid wood one-color display with floors and walls will certainly make the design look more classic but still modern with white curtains adorning the bedroom window.

Teenage Bedroom Furniture Sets

Best Teenage Bedroom Furniture Sets for Boys or Girls Picture

Teenage Bedroom design is certainly synonymous with some of her favorite things.

The picture is identical to sports equipment that indicates the owner likes sports.

Usually, the teenage bedroom has a pretty simple design with matching colors for all the furniture.

By combining the dark brown color of wood laminate it turns out to give an attractive impression.

Do the furniture bedroom set correctly so that it will make the room better, add a carpet that will fill the space.

Children’s Bedroom Furniture Sets

Children's Bedroom Furniture Sets for Small Rooms

The design of a children’s room is certainly more varied with a variety of wall decoration, color combination, and arrangement of bedroom sets.

You can combine a small bed, a study table, a bookshelf, a wardrobe, a small cupboard, and some pictures and picture frames that will color the room.

With a few color tones, it will increasingly make the room design more lively so that it makes the atmosphere more cheerful.

Silver Bedroom Furniture Sets

Best Silver Bedroom Furniture Sets with Vanity, LED Lights and Crystals

Silver bedroom sets give the impression of an expensive and magnificent design, as a type of modern furniture is now quite recommended to be used by those of you who have a spacious room so that increasingly gives the picture of a very luxurious room.

Use silver furniture sets for beds, bunk cabinets, dressing tables, and light sleepers to make the room look more majestic.

Well, mix it with gray for the walls to make it more harmonious with the color of the furniture.

Nebraska Furniture Mart Bedroom Sets

Nebraska Furniture Mart Bedroom Sets Picture

Nebraska Furniture Mart is recommended for those of you who have a room with a wide or narrow space.

The combination of tones from this furniture is a shiny black color that adds a warm feel.

It can make the room look quite spacious so you can add a combination of bedroom contents with white curtains, then the brownish marble floor color to make the design look more integrated with dark tones.

Luxury Bedroom Furniture Sets

Modern Luxury Master Bedroom Furniture Sets Ideas

Luxury Bedroom Sets do not have to spend an expensive budget because you can use all wooden furniture with a brownish laminate color.

The one-color theme turned out to be very luxurious.

Especially if the room is spacious, you can choose the size of a large bed with the addition of a very unique carving so that it adds a little antique.

The combination of shiny dark brown turned out to be very luxurious and majestic, even though all the furniture was only made of wood.

Cardi’s Furniture Bedroom Sets

Black and White Cardi's Furniture Bedroom Sets Ideas

Cardi’s Furniture bedroom sets are very trusted with very good quality.

These furniture sets are identical to the brownish-black color, with a dark color, it is highly recommended combined with bright wall colors because it will make the feel of the room more lively.

The right furniture arrangement will make the design look very elegant, you can combine the space arrangement from the dressing table, stacking cabinet, and a large enough bed.

Boys Bedroom Furniture Sets

Boys Bedroom Furniture Sets Ideas Picture

Boys Bedroom Sets in the picture above, seem very simple and simple but has a unique impression with a bunk bed and at the same time integrated with a cabinet rack.

Well, with furniture made from wood that maintains its original color, it will increasingly make the room design very unique.

Usually, the boys’ bedroom also has a blend of more than one color and theme so that the nuances will be more colorful with bright bright color combinations.

Acme Furniture Bedroom Sets

Acme Furniture Bedroom Sets Image

Acme Furniture gives a modern feel to the use of a gray sofa bed so it gives a very soft impression by providing its comfort.

Then the existence of a stacking shelf cabinet with the same color tone that is shiny brownish will certainly give the impression of a modern bed.

Combine with other dark colors that will give a feel more warm and comfortable.

Rooms to Go Furniture Bedroom Sets

Best Wooden Rooms to Go Furniture Bedroom Sets Picture

Rooms to Go Furniture features very comfortable bedrooms because the nuances are very classic and unique by using some furniture made from original colors.

Single bad made of wood with original colors turned out to make the room look very classic.

Besides, the combination of colors will also increasingly give a feel of comfort.

Furniture Row Bedroom Sets

Furniture Row Bedroom Sets Image

Furniture Row Bedroom Sets minimalist design that is now a favorite of many people.

With the selection of one-color furniture turned out to slightly give the impression of a room having a large space.

Choose a cream color for all furniture that matches the wall color.

Well, add accents to photo frames, paintings, and other wall hangings so as not to make the room look empty.

Harlem Furniture Bedroom Sets

Wonderful Harlem Furniture Bedroom Sets Picture

Harlem Furniture is identical to the original color of brownish wood which still retains the motif of peeling wood.

Well, even though it looks old-fashioned but this bedroom design makes the room design look more luxurious.

Single beds, cabinets, and decorative tables that have a matching color with a peeling wood motif will fill the room with natural charm.

Add a thick carpet to better give the impression of warmth and comfort to the design of a private room.

Marlo Furniture Bedroom Sets

Elegant Marlo Furniture Bedroom Sets Photo

Marlo Furniture is recommended for those of you who have narrow space.

With a single bed, wardrobe, and dressing table, of course, enough to fill the room so that more impressed life.

Well, the coolest color combination for Marlo Furniture is black combined with the brownish granite floor.

Additional black curtains and carpets will also make the room feel cooler.

Gray Bedroom Furniture Sets

Best Gray Bedroom Furniture Sets Ideas

Gray furniture will increasingly provide comfort for your bedroom because the warm nuances also add a simple but modern impression.

The combination of gray furniture can be designed in harmony with a brownish granite floor, then carpets and curtains that have a cream color.

Although it has a dark-colored room theme the impression of simplicity adds more value to a modern, memorable look.

Master Bedroom Furniture Sets

Black Solid Wood Master Bedroom Furniture Sets Image

A master bedroom furniture set is highly recommended to be a design for your minimalist room.

However, bedrooms with spacious space will increasingly give the impression of luxury. With the choice of color master bedroom furniture set in one color, it will make the room feel more lit.

Single bed with stacking shelves turns out to make the design look even bigger, make a suitable arrangement so that the design is neat.

With a shiny black color, it is suitable to be combined with several other bright colors.

Twin Bedroom Furniture Sets

Best Twin Bedroom Furniture Sets Picture

Twin Bedroom is highly recommended for children’s rooms or rooms for villas and accommodation.

It does seem very simple to fill in the blanks then use matching bedroom furniture with twin bed colors.

With the paintings or photo frames mounted on the wall, it will increasingly give the room feel to be more filled.

Well, the white color does give a simple but brighter impression.

Log Furniture Bedroom Sets

Best Log Furniture Bedroom Sets Image

The motif of the wooden trunk in the bedroom sets furniture gives the rustic, antique and unique nuance.

Perfect for you who want to have a bedroom with a natural but modern feel.

Well, this design is also very suitable for a minimalist bedroom so that only needs to add stacking cabinet furniture and dressing tables with matching log motifs so it does not meet the capacity of the room.

Grand Furniture Bedroom Sets

Grand Furniture Bedroom Sets Ideas

Grand Furniture Bedroom Sets makes bedroom designs more modern with the addition of furniture models with carvings and arches that are unique.

The single bad grand furniture with a glossy wood laminate color indeed really gives the impression of luxury, coupled with a stacking cabinet and dressing table that blends with a large stacking cupboard, even more, to make the design of the room seem more impressive so very luxurious.

Art Van Furniture Bedroom Sets

Art Van Furniture Bedroom Sets

Art van furniture bedroom sets will give a more modern impression because with the peeling wood color it will make the design look very classic and unique.

Art Van Furniture has the uniqueness of carving so that it will increasingly make it seem giving a more lively feel to the room.

Well, this design is great when paired with a matching dark color like the color of cream. Add carpets and curtains to make the room feel more lit.

White Bedroom Furniture Sets

White Bedroom Furniture Sets Image

White Bedroom Furniture Sets gives a simple impression, if all the furniture has a matching white color combination, it will give the impression of brighter room color.

Besides, you can also combine with colorful wall colors to make it more colorful so that it gives a cheerful feel.

Usually, white bedrooms sets are suitable for teenage bedrooms because of their more varied colors.

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Sets

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Sets with Vanity Picture

Contemporary Bedroom Sets gives a modern impression with a blend of aluminum or iron furniture.

Single bed, stacking cabinets, and dressing tables made of aluminum will indeed add a modern impression.

Not only gives a modern impression, but this one room design also makes the bedroom feel more luxurious.

Black Bedroom Furniture Sets Queen

Black Bedroom Furniture Sets Queen Photo

It turns out that Black Bedroom Furniture can provide a luxurious feel to the queen’s room.

That is because the shiny black color makes the room feel more elegant, especially when the overall look of the furniture has a matching shiny black color so that the room shades will be simpler but have the feel of luxury from all the furniture.

Ikea Bedroom Furniture Sets

Ikea Bedroom Furniture Justin Bieber Sets Picture

Ikea Bedroom can be an inspiration for modern bedroom designs, this is because this bedroom can provide a relaxing feel with a very simple color combination that is dark brown.

Single bed, wardrobe, and dressing table will also make the design look more elegant.

Well, soft color selection adds a feel of space more suitable for relaxing.

Black Bedroom Furniture Sets

Black Bedroom Furniture Sets with Other Hues Mixturecharming

Black Bedroom Furniture Sets are a favorite because they can provide a modern feel, and even make room space seem more spacious and majestic.

The black color is suitable to be combined with any color.

You can combine it with blue to make the room feel more lit so it is pleasing to the eye when relaxing in the bedroom.

Gold Bedroom Furniture Sets

Gold Bedroom Furniture Sets

Gold Bedroom Furniture Sets are recommended for minimalist bedroom designs.

With gold color, it will only make the bedroom seem more luxurious and light up.

Combine gold with dark colors to make the nuances calmer and warmer.

The choice of gold and black colors is a very appropriate combination to make the nuances more radiant so that it seems very luxurious.

Toddler Girl Bedroom Furniture Sets

Toddler Girl Bedroom Furniture Sets Ideas

Toddler Girl Bedroom Furniture Sets synonymous with variations in bright colors, well pink is the most recommended color that is usually very preferred by girls.

The combination of pink and white will make the room feel more colorful so it makes children feel at home in the room.

The design this time seems very feminine, especially when added with a floral motif or favorite character that is a favorite of girls.

Well, minimalist space is recommended using toddler girl furniture sets.

Oak Bedroom Furniture Sets

Oak Bedroom Furniture Sets Photo

Oak Bedroom Furniture Set has given a rustic feel with a very modern impression.

Oak has a classic dark brown color so that it can add an antique impression.

All furniture with the same oak wood color combination will certainly be more suitable for warm rooms, suitable for minimalist room designs.

Add flowers with tree decorations to further give the impression of very beautiful nature.

Girls Bedroom Sets Furniture

Pink Girls Bedroom Sets Furniture Ideas

Girls Bedroom Sets are identical with soft colors like white and pink to make the room brighter and blazing. Pink wall paint with pink carpet seemed to give the impression of a barbie so it was very noticed by the girls.

Add a small doll so that it will increasingly give the feel of feminism, but it will also eliminate the lack of space for the bedroom.

Exclusive Furniture Bedroom Sets

Exclusive Furniture Bedroom Sets

Exclusive Furniture Bedroom Sets provide a more relaxed feel with a sofa bed and an elongated wardrobe rack.

This design is enough to save space so it is very personal to relax.

Although, it has a combination of dark black with brownish wall paint but does not give a formal impression.

Twin Bedroom Furniture Sets for Boys

Twin Bedroom Furniture Sets for Boys

Twin Bedroom Sets for Boys have a simpler feel compared to women.

The use of dark color combinations is also highly recommended to use, well choose furniture as needed so it does not meet the capacity of the room.

Attention space appropriate furniture arrangement, usually boys are more simple in the bedroom design.

The combination of army green color was highly recommended to make the room feel warmer.

Before choosing furniture sets for the bedroom, first consider the space, design, and color variations that are appropriate for designing the bedroom according to your favorite look.

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