Bathroom Mirrors

Where to Buy Bathroom Mirrors?

The mirror becomes an inseparable element of the bathroom because it provides a practical aspect as a decorative object. Choose the shape and size that can make the room design more attractive.

Well, you can buy bathroom mirrors with various models through online stores such as IKEA,, and many more.

You can search directly on the internet or you can also buy it directly at the store building and home equipment.

Customize the model of your desires and budget!

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors are very large and spacious with wooden frames to make the room seem more attractive. This one bathroom glass model is more recommended for those of you who have a large room.

The shape of this rectangular glass is certainly very suitable for the bathroom type of restaurants, supermarkets, and other public places so that it provides more useful aspects for use by many people.

Glass gives a little transparent impression to a spacious room so that it makes the design of the room seem more luxurious.

Framed Bathroom Mirrors

This idea makes the design look more elegant, especially with the addition of wooden designs that stick to each side of the glass add a very artistic impression.

With so certainly make the bathroom space becomes more filled without emptiness.

Usually, there are framed mirrors sold unity there is also a package with the glass. Well, this model is suitable for small and large bathroom designs.

Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Did you know that Wall Mirror is now the choice of many people? That is because the design is very simple and simple makes the room more luxurious and elegant.

As seen in the picture above the minimalist bathroom design, the use of glass walls with a combination of white wall paint colors and then decorated with bright white LED lights was enough to make the room brighter.
No need to spend a large budget to make the bathroom design more attractive just by adding glass walls.

Oval Bathroom Mirrors

Oval wood-carved mirror with classic nuances turns out to make the bathroom design more unique and attractive.

Know that this one bathroom glass model does have a medium size so it will not meet the capacity of the room so it is also suitable for you who have a narrow room.

Note that it doesn’t only function as an aspect to make it easier for users to reflect. But, it can also be used as one of the accessories that make the room more beautiful.

Rustic Bathroom Mirrors

Rustic Mirror Bathroom is more visible with the addition of a wooden frame and cabinets made of wood. Although nuanced, but it turns out it is very warm in the room.

Then understand that the mirror bathroom with the rustic model saves more budget. With the addition of a chandelier like a picture above it makes the room look more antique.

Looks simple but does not leave a modern impression.

Round Bathroom Mirrors

Round Bathroom Mirrors with rounded frames add the impression of antique as one of the accent accessories in the bathroom space.

So, it is not only useful for reflection but also makes the room more attractive.

Note that the design is getting better, although it looks very simple but does not leave the slightest modern impression.

It is very suitable to be used to make the room design more luxurious without quite a lot of budget.

Decorative Bathroom Mirrors

Decorative Bathroom Mirrors look more attractive with a square glass design that has a frame pattern model.

Of course, the frame makes the room look more modern with a contemporary frame.

With the style of the pattern, it certainly makes the accent in the bathroom seem more unique and interesting.

No wonder now more and more people are using the design, the square well mirrors can meet a few accessories in the room.

Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

Frameless barroom mirrors are also recommended to make the room look more sturdy. With the existence of frameless designs, it makes the room look more simple and simple, but it makes the minimalist space design seem more spacious.

For those of you who have a narrow room then the frameless recommended filling the bathroom design with its transparent nature.

With the combination of white, it turns out to make the space design more attractive to look at.

Large Bathroom Mirrors

Large Bathroom Mirrors that fill the bathroom room turned out to be a design trend in 2019. Certainly suitable for a minimalist design or a design for a bathroom that is quite spacious.

Like the picture above large mirrors fill the overall space plus a brass frame that makes the design more magnificent. Suitable for decorating private bathrooms in the house.

Small Bathroom Mirrors

Small Bathroom Mirrors are more recommended using design without glass that will make the room not fulfilled its capacity. So, the mirror also acts as an accessory.

With the storage drawer, it will make the room not look crowded.

As a minimalist mirror model, it certainly doesn’t require many other accessories. That is because the appearance of a simple design is even more interesting.

Bathroom Mirrors Ideas

Bathroom Mirrors Design Ideas

Bathroom mirrors with a rectangular model remain a favorite of some people because it can give the impression quite luxurious for sure.

Recognize that the design or model of this one looks more attractive when added with a wooden frame that does make the design look more attractive.

With the addition of lights above, it will increasingly make the glass brighter and brighter. Understand that the lamp can be one of the accessories that also adorns the bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Mirrors

As discussed in the previous picture, the modern bathroom mirror is more visible than a rectangular glass with a small wooden frame in color with other accessories. Well, the use of the right color with one color tone makes the style of space more modern.

Consider the example of a modern bathroom like the picture above combined with a dark gray color that increasingly gives a warm feel. Coupled with the presence of two LED lights next to the glass will further provide a bright and bright feel.

Wood Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Wood Framed is more modern? Understand that from ancient to modern times there are also more mirror models with the addition of wooden frames that give the impression of rustic, unique with the appeal of color and wood motifs.

With the addition of the frame will indeed make the room seem more colorful as a very good accessory for sure.

Unique Bathroom Mirrors

Unique Bathroom Mirrors are formed with a square glass model but are unique in their black oval-shaped combination. Of course, this one mirror model can make the design of the room look more artistic.

Usually, this one glass model is highly recommended to complement the design of your private bathroom. Combine with wall motifs that also have their style or artistic.

Bathroom Mirrors with Lights

Bathroom Mirrors with Lights is enough to make the room design more luxurious. The lighting is just to beautify the mirrors so that it looks brighter and more colorful. Certainly, the design is very modern but requires a bigger budget.

Note that mirrors with light are perfect for square glass mods, even though they seem simple but make the bathroom space a modern style.

Stick on Frames for Bathroom Mirrors

Stick On Frames for Bathroom Mirrors

Stick on Frames makes the mirror seem more sturdy, not only that it also makes the design more luxurious. Combine the mirror design with a chandelier that also has an elegant impression that will make the nuances in the bathroom more modern.

Like the picture seen above, the bathroom certainly looks modern in style with shades of wood for the mirror frame in the bathroom. Also, mix with cabinets and sinks made of granite so that it adds value to luxury.

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors have their interesting impression with reflected light rays placed behind the mirror.

The circular mirror model combined with wall tile motifs added with illuminated shades was unique with very high artistic value.

Perfect for your private bathroom design.

Pottery Barn Bathroom Mirrors

Pottery Barn beautifies the bathroom mirror, although it seems that people rarely use it but it has a modern impression. Judging from the picture above, it has an even more elegant and luxurious value than its pretty sparkling color.

As the latest model for bathroom mirrors, it’s no wonder that you have to spend a big enough budget.

Double Vanity Mirrors for Bathroom

Double Vanity is suitable for you who have a bathroom with a fairly spacious room. Well, the most recommended model to use is the wooden-framed square glass design and then the storage shelves are added to the bathroom accents.

The use of dark colors turns out to make simple shades without losing its modern impression.

Commercial Bathroom Mirrors

Commercial Bathroom Mirrors has the advantage of a square shape that is lined up together so that it seems to elongate like a rectangular shape. Well, the model is very modern, right?

Looks simple without a frame but still has a very high elegant value. Perfect for those of you who have minimalist space and want to save on exact costs.

Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Lighted Bathroom Mirrors adds to the modern design so that there are now more and more users. Whatever the shape of the lamp, if added to the accent lights with the right installation will certainly make the room look more luxurious.

Surely the bathroom will look more bright and radiant. Rather it gives the impression of simple, without other accessories but it is quite charming.

LED Bathroom Mirrors

LED Bathroom Mirrors require more expensive costs, of course. But being able to make the bathroom design look more elegant and charming.

LED lights to become one of the supporting accessories that can make space designs more attractive, modern, and more colorful.

Especially if combined with a rectangular glass design, it will increasingly make the room more lit. No need to add another accent will still make a modern design.

Bathroom Mirrors with Storage

Bathroom Mirrors with Storage is suitable for you who have a bathroom with a minimalist room. This is because the storage space is directly integrated with the glass.

The design will certainly seem more luxurious and modern because the glass is shiny and sparkling. With the right arrangement will make the space design look attractive.

Make sure that the motive of the wall matches the design of the glass so that it makes the nuances in the room more harmonious.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets with Mirrors

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets with Mirrors complete the room to make it look more modern. Mirror style that integrates with the cupboard was enough to make the bathroom feel neater.

Make the right arrangements so that the design of your bathroom space still seems moderate with a simple style.

Restoration Hardware Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors Hardware Restoration is unique with its wooden frame made with attractive modern architecture. With the oval-shaped mirror model and then added with restoration so that the round shape increasingly gives the favorite modern design of many people today.

This design also provides a classic and rustic design from a unique frame design. Use it as a bathroom accessory and as a complement to bathroom equipment.

Custom Bathroom Mirrors

Custom Bathroom Mirrors can be designed almost similar to a dressing table. Look at the picture above, it looks very elegant and luxurious style, right?

but the model that looks like a dressing table can be combined with cabinets and luxury-style wall lamps. Add motifs that also strengthen the luxury of your room’s bathroom design!

Illuminated Wall Mirrors for Bathroom

Illuminated Wall Mirrors for Bathroom add a cool impression to the room. Seen from the picture above that the wall lights that illuminate the oval-shaped mirror are very interesting.

Not only does it give the room a brighter and radiant feel, but it is also able to add uniqueness to the appeal of the wall lamp.

No need to add access to other accessories, know that the wall lamp model alone can make the room cooler.

White Frame Bathroom Mirrors

White Frame bathroom mirrors turn out to make the room design more colorful when combined with dark colors, such as black and dark gray.

However, no need to worry that the white frame is also good when combined with bright colors to make the room seem more colorful.

Note that the white frame only complements the color in the bathroom space to make it look more attractive.

Contemporary Bathroom Mirrors

Contemporary Bathroom Mirrors has a glass wall design with a combination of aluminum to give the impression of hanging. Well, with that model alone makes the room seem more luxurious and modern.

Of course, the design of this one is suitable for you who have a large enough room capacity so that it does not seem to meet the capacity of the room.

The budget needed is also quite a lot with the combination of aluminum which increasingly makes the room stylish luxury.

Large Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Large Framed Mirror is enough to fill the room. Thus there is no need to add decorations or other accents that will only fill the furniture in the room.

Instead, make the selection of the right mirror frame like a small wooden frame. The color of the original wood laminate also adds to the rustic impression so that it will increasingly make the room design more varied not to give the impression of being monotonous.

Masters Bathroom Mirrors

Masters bathroom mirrors are more and more elegant with all their aluminum accessories. The addition of these materials will also strengthen the mirror.

Additional wall lights also increasingly give the impression of elegance to the room. Suitable for minimalist and maxi and rooms.

Things to note are the costs that must be spent are indeed quite large.

Wall Mirrors for Bathroom

This design certainly gives the impression of luxury. The design is more suitable for you who have a minimalist style of space. Note the picture above, there is a wall mirror and then added again with a square-framed glass that decorates the room more interesting.

Of course, the design style is very transparent so it can make the bathroom seem more spacious. Add a granite motif to the cabinet so that it adds a luxurious value to it.

Cool Bathroom Mirror

Modern Cool Bathroom Mirrors Design Ideas

This can make the design of the room more comfortable. Besides not being transparent, this type of glass will make the room more varied. If usually using a type of clear glass then you can see the use of this colored glass that can translucent colors so that the style of the room cooler.

Although not many people use it, choosing this type of mirror not only makes an attractive design but also makes the room more comfortable.

Oval Framed Bathroom Mirrors

This look more attractive in such a shape. When the oval mirror is added with a brass frame that makes the design look more elegant.

If you already use the mirror design, you should also use a variety of other accessories that are luxurious, such as lights and other decorations to fill the void in the room.

Metal Framed Mirrors Bathroom

Metal Framed Mirrors Bathroom is very good combined with marble which makes the design more attractive. Notice the design combined with the dark gray color, even more, warms the room.

Also, add granite accents to the furniture in the bathroom. Then, add lights on the right and left side of the mirror so that it makes the room look more lit and looks modern.

Display that looks simple is also increasingly adding the impression of a modern but simple nuance.

Pivot Mirrors for Bathroom

Pivot Mirrors which are coated by aluminum are also a favorite of many people because they can add more cool and charming space style.

Also make sure to use the aluminum accent on the towel, faucet, small mirror, and other decorations so that the bathroom is indeed more modern.

Best Bathroom Mirrors

What is the best bathroom mirror-like? recognize it does not require quite a lot of accessories, still simple in style with a choice of materials with good quality was able to give the impression of luxury and appeal.

Well, the picture above shows the best bathroom mirror with a square glass form coated with aluminum. Then mix it with colors that match the wall paint, giving a feeling of warmth and comfort in the room.

Large Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

Oval Large Frameless bathroom can also make the room design more luxurious even without any other decoration. So, just one mirror alone also makes the room look cooler.

Therefore, it is suitable for use by those of you who have a minimalist style of space. Just one mirror can fill the void that makes the room look cooler.

Fancy Bathroom Mirrors

Fancy bathroom mirror seems more luxurious with a brass mirror frame that increasingly gives a solid impression. But know that this type of frame requires a bigger budget.

The addition of elegantly designed wall lamps makes the room seem modern in the 2019 era.

Suitable to decorate a spacious room design, prepare a budget that is quite a lot.

Backlit Bathroom Mirrors

Backlit Bathroom seems to have a very soft tone design with a combination of dark colors. Square mirror design with the addition of lights does give the impression of a modern backlit.

In 2019 more and more users will become a favorite of people. The design is highly recommended for a minimalist room design that is very good.

Long Bathroom Mirrors

Lengthy Bathroom Mirrors with a rectangular style using aluminum frames coupled with granite materials increasingly make the bathroom’s room design seem more spacious.

Note that the mirror model is sufficiently long enough to contain two wastes which provide quite a lot of usability value. The combination of granite motifs can make the design look more colorful bathroom space.

Black Bathroom Mirrors

It has a very attractive design with black color with a combination of an aluminum frame that is quite interesting. Although it looks simple the design is still unique.

Suitable to use a square-shaped mirror design that fills the bathroom space around. You only need to make the room look better with a flower vase and other small accessories.

You can use any type of square-framed aluminum glass that doesn’t use a large budget.

Vintage Bathroom Mirrors

Vintage bathroom mirrors don’t give the impression of an outdated design. No need to worry about the combination of wood material with a unique frame mirror turns out to fill more space.

The combination of white tones turned out to make the design more colorful. Although, memorable vintage combined with an iron frame design that adds a little modern impression.

Wide Bathroom Mirrors

This is very interesting when added with a highly recommended LED backlight. Although it seems very simple, the combination of a frame added with a wall lamp captivates its users.

No wonder now more and more people are using this one design because it is very suitable for designing more modern rooms.

Moen Bathroom Mirrors

Moen Bathroom Mirrors with aluminum oval-framed design strengthens the room to be more sturdy. Combined with one dark color tone, it will increasingly provide a modern design, although simple.

Add a wall lamp that will also increasingly make the design of the room more and more make its use more comfortable by making the atmosphere warmer. This mirror model is also highly recommended to make a minimalist room more attractive.

Trifold Bathroom Mirrors

Trifold has a glass design look almost similar to cabinets so it looks very simple. Of course, this trifold increasingly makes it have a high enough benefit value.

When viewed the design is not only visible glass, it also shows the form of a simple cabinet that can also be used as a storage area.

Surely the design is very good, right? well suited to make minimalist space more luxurious the room.

Bathroom Mirrors design is in the spotlight for many people because the model is very varied that can beautify your room. Adjust the design of the room so it does not meet the capacity of the room.

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