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There are a lot of bathroom counter materials that are popular in the United States. People choose the Tile, Quartz, Marble, Solid Surface, Laminate, and Concrete depends on their bathroom styles.

When it comes about the best vanity top of the natural stone selections, the granite countertops would be the best choice as it stain resistant, has a high-end designer look, and also is easy to clean.

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But once again, it is up to you to decorating the bathroom since the budget plays important role in it.

We just want to remind you that whatever the bathroom counter materials, you just need the perfect bathroom organizer that will be the focal point on there.

Makeup Organizer for Bathroom Counter

makeup organizer for bathroom-counter

There are many choices of bathroom makeup organizers that are sold online. One of the best is the Acrylic Corner Makeup Organizer which has affordable prices.

Although the makeup organizer is relatively cheap, the design looks elegant and classic.

This makeup organizer can be placed in a corner so that you still have more spaces that can be used for other bathroom decorations.

It has 8 containers where you can put the mascaras, brushes, lipsticks, pencils, lotions, perfumes, powder, and all other makeup items.

Thanks to translucent acrylic material, you can find what is needed quickly. A minimalist and simple design is also suitable for a variety of bathroom styles.

Tiered Bathroom Counter Organizer

tiered bathroom counter organizer

Do you have a narrow bathroom? It is not a big deal. And there is no need to worry because all the solutions are already there.

Size is often a problem because we want to make the master bathroom look spacious, especially if the bathroom countertop is also small; sometimes we have to use a little bit of our creativity to arrange the bathroom to make it look clean and perfect.

One of the “hacks” that can be tried is by choosing a tiered bathroom counter organizer which will be the best place to arrange toiletries.

The two-tiered bathroom counter organizer looks beautiful and can save your space for the small master bath. The bottom has a larger size than the top.

The bottom can be used to put toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, soap and other toiletries.

While the top is used as a place to store dry items such as small towels, perfumes, or even hair dryers.

With aluminum base material, this counter organizer will not rust even though it is exposed to water every day.

Bathroom Counter Shelf Organizer

Bathroom Counter Shelf Organizer

Again, we need to use our creativity to hack the small master bathroom we have at home. We need to think outside the box to solve the issue.

One of the easiest ways to hack the small bathroom is by using the wall. Yep, there is no other way than maximizing your wall by installing a bathroom counter shelf organizer.

There are a lot of horizontal shelves that you can choose.

Just remember that you need to select the precise horizontal shelf organizer that has perfect measurement from the bottom to the top.

This bathroom counter shelf organizer has 5 spaces for different categories.

It is neither too small nor too high; you can put the most used items on the lower shelf as it is reachable.

Talk about design, the bathroom counter shelf organizer has white clean finish on the outside with wooden accent on the inside.

Bathroom Sink Counter Organizer

Bathroom Sink Counter Organizer

If you don’t have enough space on the top, then you need to maximize the space under the sink for the counter organizer.

The bathroom sink counter organizer is perfect for the minimalist styled master bathroom.

You just put a wall-mounted mirror and let it be the one and only bathroom’s wall decoration. And then you maximize the space under the sink as the counter organizer.

The white clean countertop would match with sliding storage cabinet where you can put the toiletries.

The cabinet has 3 compartments where you can store your toiletries based on each category.

Corner Bathroom Counter Organizer

Corner Bathroom Counter Organizer

Another way to make the small bathroom looks spacious is by taking advantage of the corner. Don’t let it blank empty since you can use corner bathroom counter organizer.

Look! The luxurious corner counter organizer that covered with white finish is not only saving more spaces but also show exceptional style.

Put two mirrors on each wall to make the bathroom look wider thanks to the reflection.

And for the final touch, use lights to provide bright. The right lighting will make the bathroom looks exclusive and sparkling.

Bathroom Counter Organizer for Men

Bathroom Counter Organizer for Men

When women want their bathroom looks luxurious, men is more practical. They just want their bathroom neat and comfortable, at least for me.

Take a look of the picture, what do you see? The bathroom counter organizer for men is what we need.

We don’t want our toiletries exposed on the top of the countertop.

We want to keep it look clean while the truth is, sometimes it super messy on the inside.

But at least we get the right counter organizer where we can hide our thing and messiness.

The wooden material and knob-less drawer, clean white sink, and simple decoration, which is just a vase, is perfect.

And also, the dark blue wall theme makes the master bathroom looks masculine.

DIY Bathroom Counter Organizer

DIY Bathroom Counter Organizer

Last but not least, the DIY trend is now a thing and there are a lot of people that share their experience and tutorials.

On this case, let me show you how to create DIY bathroom counter organizer from scratch.

All you need is just unused wood and some jars. Glue, nails, and wire also need to be prepared and can be used if needed.

Now, you just need to measure the wood according to the size of the mirror.

Next, divide the wood into 4 or 5 parts according to the amount of the jars but don’t cut it, just give a sign.

Then tie the jar-neck with the wire tightly. Use glue to make sure the wire is tightly bonded.

The next process is to attach all the jars to the wood. Finally, attach the DIY wood and jars counter organizer under the mirror.

Now, which is the best counter organizer that suits your master bathroom? You tell me!

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